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Inside the Serene Garden, at the end of a winding path was the dark prison set in the old house of the Lu clan, which was specially used to interrogate the members of the Lu clan. The outside world did not know that there was a dark prison in the magnificent Serene Garden.

Several bodyguards brought her to the dark prison. On the way, she didn't resist. The sadness on her face was all gone after she came out of the study, and there was not a trace of sadness in her deep eyes.

After entering the dark prison, the surrounding light was extremely dim, and the air suddenly filled with a strong smell of blood. The sound of whips and cries of tearing the heart and lung were lingering in the air.

This was the dark prison of the Lu clan, a place more terrible than the hell. The people who entered here were all near death. Even if they tried hard to survive a round of torture, they were either disabled or crazy.

This dark prison of Lu clan was not unfamiliar to Cassandra. She had once been locked here, but at that time, it was not someone else who locked her up. It was Fiona Shen, the seemingly omnipotent lady of Shen clan.

Cassandra's eyes turned dark. She scanned the cell one by one, and there were two men in black suits, who were interrogating someone. With the whip of hot pepper water, they beat the man severely, and a red blood line was extracted from the body in an instant. The skin and flesh were blooming, which made people shiver.

"Bah! I've seen someone stronger than you! Let's see how long you can last! " The man cursed and hit him with all his strength.

The man who was beaten into pieces didn't even make a sound. There was only deathly stillness in his blood red eyes.

"Mr. James, are you willing to let the Lu clan be destroyed by those petty people?" Standing in front of the black cell, Cassandra kep

pile of moldy and sick straw.

After a click, the door was locked. The bodyguards whispered a few words to each other, and then left with the key.

Cassandra looked around and found a clean place to sit down. Her mobile phone was taken away when she came in, so she didn't know the time now. It was almost 48 hours. Would Martin wake up?

She had done everything she could, and there was nothing she could do now. Would her superhero come to save her?

In the Serene Garden.

Carlos walked around the garden house. Cassandra had been called by Johnson for several hours, but she hadn't come back yet. It was highly likely that she had an accident, but they were trapped in the garden house and couldn't go out at all.


If he had known it would be like this, he would never let Cassandra put herself in danger. Thinking of what she said to him in the car, he believed that all this was a scheme of Johnson.

Although Cassandra was not inferior to others in eloquence, Johnson wouldn't show mercy to anyone. If anything happened to Cassandra...

"Mr. Ron, you invited Cassandra here. Don't you worry about her at all?" Suddenly, Carlos looked at Ron and asked with a frown.

'You are the man to be blamed!'

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