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   Chapter 315 I'm Martin's Man

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7183

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In the Serene Garden.

Inside the huge building, there was a strange silence. Outside Serene Garden, there were men in black patrolling everywhere. The entire Serene Garden was heavily guarded, and even a fly couldn't fly in.

At this time, a black Maybach was pulled over in front of the gate, closely following a few black Bentley cars.

As soon as the car stopped, an old man in black Chinese tunic suit walked towards the car.

In the Maybach car, Cassandra sat on the back seat, poker faced, and her cold face was reflected by the black window, which sent shivers down people's spine.

"Don't worry, Cassandra. Even if here is a land of those old foxes, they dare not to do anything as they wish. You can rest assured that I will never let you get hurt!" Carlos said seriously in the front row.

Cassandra frowned and shook her head, "Don't you think it's weird?"

Carlos was stunned. "What do you mean?"

As these words were uttered out of her mouth, Cassandra narrowed her eyes into a line. If Johnson only intended to take revenge on her, he didn't have to make such a big deal by sending two Elders to the hospital in person. Moreover, Johnson was no longer the head of the Lu clan in name, so if Martin woke up, everything he did would be the irrefutable evidence of his crime.

He was a cunning fox. He would never put himself in danger.

If he dared to invite her to the Serene Garden and make such a big noise, this was the only thing that he could rely on, that is Martin would not wake up.

Martin's situation was very dangerous, but it was not too late to repair the situation. The organ transplant that Kevin had suggested was denied by Cassandra. If Martin couldn't wake up in 48 hours or he couldn't have the organ transplant, then there was no chance that he could survive.

Moreover, in the end, Johnson could attribute all this to Cassandra and let her be the scapegoat.

So, Johnson's real goal was never Cassandra, and Cassandra was just a cover up for him.

Cassandra had seen through everything. She just pretended to be a good actress in front of Johnson Lu, so she dared to take actions

hem, with a scar of six or seven inches on his face, said expressionlessly.

The patriarch... Miss Cassandra...

A hint of coldness flashed through Carlos' eyes. It seemed that Cassandra's guess was right. The old man's real target was indeed Martin Lu!


He tried his best to hold back his anger and gave a snort of contempt. Then he turned around to leave, but those men in black didn't show any intention of making a way for him.

"Tony, what do you mean? You don't allow me to go in? Then why don't you let me go? " Carlos' gaze was like an ice blade shooting towards the man in black.

Tony, the captain of the mercenary team trained by Johnson Lu. He was in charge of the safety of Serene Garden and only acted on the orders of Johnson Lu. It was the sharpest knife in Johnson's hand.

Tony sneered, "It's an order from the head of our clan that no one is allowed to leave without permission."

"Screw you! Now, the head of the Lu clan is the Martin, and I am Martin's man. Dare you stop me? " Carlos shouted at him.

A hint of murderous look flashed in Tony's eyes, and he said, "In my eyes, there is only one clan leader in the Lu clan, and I only listen to my master's orders. If you want to go, you can go, and leave your life here."

Gritting his fists tightly and glaring at Tony as if he were a dead man, Carlos said in a cold voice, "Do you really think that I can do nothing to you here?"

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