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   Chapter 313 What If I Don't Agree

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At this time, Sam Lu's face was also extremely gloomy. The situation had completely gone out of control. This was completely different from what he expected. He clearly knew that Cassandra wanted to punish somebody as a warning to others, but he didn't want to be somebody.

"Madam, indeed, Elder Neil was somewhat wrong just now. But after all, he is an elder of the Lu clan. Is it improper for you to lynch him without the permission of the elder Council? For the sake of me and the senior clan leader, please let him go. This punishment... We don't have to. " Said Sam, who tried his best to keep calm.

Under this circumstance, he was not so naive as to think that Cassandra was easily to be bullied. However, he was on the same boat with Neil. One incident led to another. At this crucial time, he didn't want anything unexpected to happen.

With a chuckle, Cassandra looked up at him and asked, "What if I don't agree?"

The expression on Sam's face was slowly changing, but he couldn't do it in front of so many people because of Cassandra's identity as the hostess. Otherwise, it would be a public image.

But he couldn't bear to see Neil suffer.

Sam Lu clenched his teeth and said, "Lady Cassandra, if you insist, then I have to offend you."

After that, he lifted his right hand and made a gesture to his men. A dozen of people surrounded him again, and the whole space froze in an instant.

Cassandra stood still, like a weathered sculpture, bloodthirsty gradually eroded her last sanity bit by bit.

If they wanted to fight, she would fight. There was no fairness in this world. If God didn't allow anyone to fight for it, she would fight for it herself!


In a flash, all the emotions on Cassandra's face faded away like the tide. She stood still without any emotion, and then slowly raised her long arms and said in a cold voice, "Carlos, block the exit."

Hearing that, Carlos was stunned. As he understood what Carlos meant, he immediately replied, "

way for them automatically.

There is no hesitation in executing the order.

'This is what Cassandra wants to show to us?'

Holding a black crutch, Ron walked step by step towards Cassandra. There seemed to be something flashing away in his dark eyes.

Alicia had said before that he seemed to have a crush on Cassandra. At that time, he felt that this was ridiculous, but just at that moment, he suddenly felt that Cassandra also seemed very good.

He had seen many obedient women and knew all kinds of changing attitudes. Those women would do anything to achieve their goals, but they could not stand any challenges, let alone stand such an occasion.

Even if that woman from the Shen clan, she was nothing more than that.

"Are you here for the senior patriarch?" Staring at Ron, Cassandra said word by word.

Ron chuckled and said in a hoarse voice, "What if I say yes? Will you also hit me?"

Cassandra narrowed her eyes and gave a murderous look, "You are right. I'm the hostess of the Lu clan. No one else is allowed to order me except for Martin Lu, even if it is the patriarch."

It seemed that Ron was not surprised by her answer. He raised his narrow Phoenix eyes, smiled and said, "You have misunderstood me. I came here only to pass on a message for the old patriarch. I have no other intention."

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