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   Chapter 312 Say It Again

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The moment she finished speaking, there was a strange dead silence in the whole space.

Cassandra was right. Since Johnson wasn't the head of the Lu clan anymore, even though he had a little influence in the Lu clan, he had to obey the rules of this clan and had no right to ask Cassandra to the old house. It would be against the family rules if Sam and Neil forced her to go there.

At first, Sam Lu and Neil Lu wanted to take this opportunity to launch a head-on blow at her. But they didn't expect that they were taught a lesson by her.

Cassandra looked weak, but she was not a pushover.

Neil's face darkened as he said, "Sam, why do you have to talk so much nonsense with her? I believe no one dares to stop us from taking her away today! "

Hearing that, Sam Lu's face turned cold instantly. The biggest idiot in the world was Neil, who always wanted to get the upper hand in his affairs without considering the consequences. In the past, they had meant to take advantage of the power of Johnson Lu to suppress Cassandra. But now, things were different. As long as they did something wrong, other Elders and some hidden strengths in the family would take actions. At that time, they wouldn't get the slightest advantage, but would get involved in the fight again.

"Shut up!" Sam Lu scolded him with displeasure.

Neil got stunned and his face turned blue. "What do you mean? Isn't this woman dare to do anything as she likes just because she has the support of Martin? It is not sure now whether Martin is alive or dead. Maybe he can't hold on. You're afraid of her, but I'm not! "

"What Say it again. " Then Cassandra raised her head and stared at Neil as if he was a dead man.

Neil was an experienced and strong man. A shiver ran down his spine. 'Damn it! How did I get that feeling?' he cursed in his mind.

In his eyes, Cassandra was just a nobody. He could kill her with one hand. But now he was shocked by her indifference.

Neil's eyes were ful

n as he finished speaking, he raised his left hand and made a gesture with his slender fingers. The two men immediately came forward and controlled Neil. Their movements were as fast as lightning, and the bodyguards next to them didn't even see how they attacked.

What a big difference!

No one knew how unfathomable the underground forces were in the V Security team trained by Martin himself. They only obeyed Martin's orders. Their force value was far above the wastes behind Neil.

The five men standing behind Neil looked at each other and stared terrified at Greyson and his two subordinates. Their forehead was full of cold sweat. No one dared to stop them.

It took Neil half a minute to react. He was shocked, his face full of disbelief and a creepy feeling spread all over his body.

"What the fuck are you waiting for? Come on! If anyone can save me, I will give him ten million dollars! " Neil shouted in fear.

Ten million was indeed a considerable amount of money. These bodyguards might not be able to earn it in a lifetime, but even if they could have so much money, they still had to be alive to spend it.

The bodyguards swallowed hard. Although the price of Neil was very attractive, they did not have the guts to fight with Greyson.

"Damn it! Are you fucking stupid, Sam? Help me! "

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