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   Chapter 310 Bear the Responsibility

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6541

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In the Serene Garden.

In the study of Elder Morris.

There was a sudden dead silence in the study.

Morris sat on the chair sullenly. A moment later, he threw the tablet PC to the ground and shouted, "You son of a bitch! Jeremy didn't have a brain, and so did Nick? It was such a stupid thing to make such a news at this moment! What a group of idiots! They even let Zhou family get the goods on them! "

Morris had been secretly supporting Jeremy. He had waited for this chance for a long time. All things were ready, but it was eventually messed up by these two idiots!


"Elder Morris, there are a lot of criticism on Jeremy online, and the Zhou family is determined to divorce, do you think..." An old man in black asked.

Morris snorted and shouted, "Who else can I do? We have stood up for Jeremy openly. Do you think we can get away with this even now? You go and contact Scott Zhou in my name and make an appointment with him. No matter what happened, we have to suppress the news first. Besides, find out who is the owner of Ring Entertainment Industry that suddenly burst out. And what the bastard Andrew are doing that this news can be leaked! "

The microblog about Jeremy and Selina was posted by the Ring Entertainment Industry. The news had been really hot and it had been on the top search list for a long time. So this official microblog, which had just more than a thousand fans, had an amount of fans in a few hours. The number of fans had increased by an astonishing speed.

"Yes, Elder Morris."

Morris rubbed his temples and continued, "Tell the bastard Andrew, ask him to block the news and clear up Jeremy's name. I don't want to see such bad news at this point."

"Yes, Elder Morris."

As soon as his voice fell, a black figure rushed in like lightning, "Mr. Morris, just now... I just received the news that Mr. Jeremy had misappropriated a large amount of money and stolen the company property. Th

m and Elder Neil break in with some people saying... They said that the senior patriarch sent them to invite Mrs. Cassandra to the old house! "

All of a sudden, Carlos' face darkened. "Where is them?"

"They have arrived at the gate."

"Cassandra, you shall go out from the back door now. I'll arrange for someone to see you out..." said Carlos.

"No, thanks." Said Cassandra.

Carlos was as anxious as a cat on a hot pan. "Cassandra, it's not a joke. Elder Sam and Elder Neil to go out in person, even I would not dare to disobey their orders. I can't let them take you away! "

Then she said, "Don't worry. I'll be fine."

Carlos looked anxious. His master was unconscious now. If anything happened to him, Cassandra would be the first heir of the Lu clan. If the cunning guys of the Lu clan forced her to give up the right of inheritance at this moment, the Lu clan would fall into the hands of others.

Cassandra was so smart that she must have thought of that, but now, in order to stabilize the cunning members of the Lu clan, she was willing to risk her life.

Carlos wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. "No, you can't do that. You have no idea how cruel the old assholes of the Lu clan are. Many things are far from as clean as you see. Listen to me, Cassandra. Let's go! "

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