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   Chapter 308 Why

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6315

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"You bastard! What's the point of apologizing to me? Apologize to June now! Ask for her forgiveness! " Nick slapped him and said in a cold voice.

When the clear finger print appeared on Jeremy's face, half of his face was swollen. But he didn't care about it at the moment. He just knelt down in front of the sofa and stretched out his hand to hold that woman's hand. He begged, "June, I know I was wrong. I'm not human. I shouldn't be possessed at that moment. You hit me. You can do anything you want. June, I love you so much. Could you please forgive me this time? "

On the sofa, a woman in a long white dress sat there with an indifferent look. This woman was June Zhou, the eldest daughter of the Zhou family, Jeremy's wife.

At this moment, when June heard this, there was no anger or sadness on her slightly pale face. She quietly looked at the man, who she really liked and wanted to grow old with.

However, no matter how much she liked him, it couldn't stop men's love for the new and disgust with the old. Women's intuition was the most sensitive, and she was also aware that something was wrong with them. However, she didn't have the heart to debunk it. She retreated again and again. In the end, she got this result.

Then Nick said, "June, it's indeed Jeremy's fault this time. I've taught him a lesson. He's wrong now. You've been married for so many years, but you can't get pregnant. It is indeed a big problem for our Lu clan. How about this? I have asked Jeremy to cut off contact with that woman immediately. As for the child, it is our child. After it is born, it will be adopted by you and regarded as your own child. Please forgive Jeremy for this time, and let him explain it to public on microblog, Please? How do you like it? "

Jeremy immediately replied, "Yes. June, you are the only one I love. I swear that I will never have sex with other wome

't quarrel with Jeremy at this time. He has known his fault, so don't push your luck. "

June glanced at Jeremy coldly with a touch of sarcasm on her face. "Push my luck? So all I need to do is to apologize to him. Am I right? "

"What do you mean?" asked Jeremy.

June sneered and said, "According to you, if I have cuckolded you, all I need to do is to admit my mistake. You shouldn't blame me, right?"

With a malicious and insidious expression on his face, Jeremy sneered, "How dare you!"

June replied, "Of course I dare. You are cheating on me and fooling around with other women. Why should I obey the law? You can do whatever you want, why can't I? "

"You're my woman. Even if I discard you, you can't sleep with another man. Do you understand?" Jeremy flared up.

"Why?" June said word by word, "Why do you ask me so? Now I give you two choices. The first is to sign on the divorce agreement; the second, if we don't divorce, you continue to play with your woman, and I will play with my man too. How about that? "

Jeremy was furious, "How dare you! You bitch! Don't think that I dare not do anything to you even if you have been with Zhou family's support! After I gain the Lu clan, I will still look down upon you and your family! "

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