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   Chapter 305 Go Find Your Ex-boyfriend

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Under the pavilion, the sound of cloth tearing was as if it had been magnified, and fell in Alicia's ears. But she did not struggle at all. In those beautiful eyes, there was a layer of fog, empty and desolate.

Alicia was forced to take it. She shook her empty hands, as if she wanted to grasp something, but she failed.

It took a long time before everything came to an end.

Ron threw her on the soft cushion like throwing a rag. There was not a single change in her pale face, as if nothing had happened just now.

She covered half of her body with the torn up clothes and said indifferently: "I'll go back if you don't have other things. Don't worry. I'll remember to take medicine."

Ron's face suddenly darkened. He gave a cold smile and said, "Good. I didn't invite you here to have sex with you. Moreover, don't make a fool of yourself. I don't like a woman who has no reaction at all."

Alicia lowered her eyes. Her face was deathly pale. She answered, "My heart has been dead. Of course I can't satisfy you..."

Ron slapped on the table and shouted, "Shut up!"

Hearing his words, Alicia Qin stopped talking and stood still like a statue.

"I don't want to hear your crap. You can go find Andrew and ask him to do me a favor." said Ron with his teeth gritted.

"Yes, master."

Ron clenched his fist and shouted, "Get out!"

With her hands covering her dress, she left the pavilion without hesitation.


In his eyes, she was just a toy, but for a moment he had been actually... Heartbroken?

The sweat on Ron's forehead flowed and he covered his heart tightly, trying to calm down, but his heart was beating uncontrollably.

How was that possible?

How could he have feelings for a toy?

His breathing became heavier and heavier, and his heart heaved intensely. After a long time, he forced himself to calm down and slum

I leave Martin and go back to find my ex-boyfriend?"

Hearing this, Carlos thought it was reasonable, but anyway, when she went to see her ex at this time, he was very unhappy, feeling that his master would be cuckolded at any time.


"Do you think I will bring you with me if I really go back to find another lover?"

Carlos was stunned. What she said sounded reasonable. There was no way he could refute it.

"When you see that scum later, I'll go with you. I'll take care of you for our master." Carlos said.

Cassandra was speechless and didn't know how much he didn't trust her. Was she a slut?

But she also knew that if she didn't agree with him, he would probably overthink her all kinds of plots. Moreover, if it hadn't been for the special situation this time, she wouldn't have gone to see Roger. In fact, it would not be so embarrassing with the presence of Carlos.

Then she sighed, "Okay. But no matter what I'm going to do later, you must stay out of this. Do you understand?"

"Okay!" said Carlos.

After that, all of a sudden, Carlos felt her words were a little strange.

'What does she want to do? Why doesn't she allow me to intervene?'

He had a hunch that his master might have been cuckolded.

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