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   Chapter 304 Added Shock to the Clan

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6666

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"What?" Asked Ron, after a few seconds of drowsiness.

"That is Martin. The only one I care about is Martin. I will be by his side as long as he likes me. Otherwise, do you really think that I really like the identity of being the hostess of the Lu clan?" Cassandra added.

She wouldn't have waited till now if she hadn't been so worried about Martin.

But since she stayed, she would find a way to handle everything for Martin.

Ron's pupil shrank slightly. Everyone thought that Cassandra had used all means to climb to that position, and even Fiona was ready to be the hostess of the Lu clan. However, the woman in front of him showed a disdainful tone.

How was that possible?

The words of 'the hostess of the Lu clan' alone was enough to make these debutantes in the capital city to scramble for it.

However, Ron was also very clear that the only ace in the hole that Cassandra had in her hand was Martin Lu. With the help of her position in the Lu clan, once Martin Lu died, Cassandra would be absolutely doomed.

But from Cassandra's words, she seemed to be sure that there was nothing wrong with Martin. Was it just a trap designed by Martin?

Ron frowned and said in a low voice, "It seems that I worry too much."

Cassandra chuckled, "You are a smart man. You should know that my biggest reliance is Martin, so I won't let him be hurt. Otherwise, I would rather die than let the Lu clan kill me, it is not my character to sit still and wait for death."

"Since you have said so, what do you want me to do for you?" said Ron.

Hearing his words, Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief. It was not easy for Ron to be hooked and his mind was treacherous, so she began to play cat and mouse. Although there was no evidence to prove that he had a guilty conscience, Ron was afraid that she would reveal it.

"Now I do have one thing to ask you for help. And only you can do that."

Ron's eyes darkened as he said, "Please speak it out, my lady."

"You sho

cle Liam, go and ask Miss Alicia to come here." Ron sat back in his chair and touched the Buddha beads with his slender fingers.

"Yes, master." answered Uncle Liam.

A moment later, wearing a black cotton robe, Alicia walked towards him step by step.

Alicia's face was somewhat morbid pale as if she was ill, but she did not show anything abnormal. She walked towards Ron and said calmly, "What can I do for you, master?"

There was a bit of indifference and coldness in her tone, which made Ron feel unhappy. He stared at her gloomily, "I keep you not for looking at your gloomy face."

Alicia lowered her eyes slightly. "I'm just a plaything of you. How dare me..."

Before she finished her words, Ron stretched out his hand and grabbed her chin. His voice was as cold as ice, "Yes, you'd better remember that you are just a plaything of me. If I want you to laugh, you have to laugh, or I can kill you at any time."

She slowly raised her eyes. The man's handsome and unparalleled face could be seen in her dark eyes. She was easily intoxicated by his handsome face.

"Of course you can, but if you invite me here just to humiliate me, are you satisfied now?" Alicia replied with a smile.

Her laugh stung Ron and his eyes were burning with rage. With a hard pull of his hand, he ripped off Alicia's robe.

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