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   Chapter 302 Go to See a Person

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Next to her, there were blue veins on Carlos' forehead. He had thought that Cassandra would say something sentimental, but he really knew nothing about her.

Cassandra's words made Kevin dumbfounded. Even if his master was safe and sound now, he would be pissed off by hearing this.

"Well... "But, Mrs. Cassandra, the young master is not out of danger yet, so he needs to be sent to the ICU immediately..." Kevin spoke weakly, for fear that he would be mistreated by Cassandra.

Then she nodded and said, "Okay. Take good care of him."

'Why did she ask me to take care of the master?' he wondered.

Taking a look at Carlos, Kevin said, "Cassandra, please rest assured. I'll try my best, but as for what I just said, I think you'd better think about it again. Judging from the current situation, it's highly likely that the operation will succeed."

Cassandra then cast a cold glance at Kevin, which scared the hell out of him. Immediately, he told a nurse to send Martin away.

It was not until Martin was sent to the ICU that Cassandra turned to look at Carlos and said, "Get the car ready, Carlos."

Carlos was stunned. His master was seriously ill. Where was her going?

"Where do you want to go, Cassandra?" Asked Carlos.

A stern look appeared in Cassandra's eyes, "I'm going to meet a person."


Cassandra licked her lips and said, "Ron Lu."

Hearing this, Carlos's face suddenly changed. "Master Ron? You've just come to the Lu clan, so maybe you don't know much about the internal situation of the Lu clan. Although Mr. Ron looks very kind and nice, but in fact... "

"I know." Cassandra interrupted him.

Carlos frowned. Since she knew, why she came to Ron at this time, was he not afraid of him?

After hesitating for a while, he finally went to arrange the car and sent Cassandra to meet Ron in person.

Cassandra didn't refuse. With Greyson and Kevin here, she didn't worry about what would happen. Now, her only hope was to see Ron.

In her previous life, Ron Lu had been one of Martin's strongest enemies. They had competed both openly

. Carlos, who is this?"

Carlos snorted, "She is the current hostess of the Lu clan. Uncle Liam, you know the rules of the Lu clan. Do you still want us to wait outside now?"

The Lu clan had strict rules. They must strictly follow the rules of the Lu clan even if someone was just a servant. As Ron's butler, he certainly knew the rules.

"Of course not. It's just that Mr. Ron is not feeling well." Uncle Liam answered immediately.

"I won't make it difficult for you. Take me in, and I'll talk to Mr. Ron myself." Cassandra interrupted Uncle Liam.

Not daring to refuse, Uncle Liam forced himself to invite them in, through a few long hallways, they reached the backyard. Mr. Ron was practicing Chinese characters under the arbor, wearing a black cotton robe.

Cassandra walked towards the pavilion and Ron looked up, with a faint smile on his face. "At such a critical moment, I really want to know why you must come to see me, as everyone in our clan knows that I'm just a nobody with no foundation."

Then she walked to the desk, sat down on the chair opposite to Ron, and said indifferently, "Mr. Ron, are you kidding me?"

Ron's finger moved a little, but his face was calm. "I dare not to joke with you. You are the mistress of the Lu clan, so you can crush me to death with only one finger. How dare me!"

"Really? What if I tell you that I'm here to cooperate with you? "

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