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   Chapter 301 She Has No Right to Interfere

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Sweat dripped from Carlos' forehead. He hurriedly replied, "Yes, madam."

Next to them, Fiona's face was extremely gloomy. This idiot was too self-righteous. Did she think that she could suppress the old Foxes of the Lu clan with her ability?

Humph! She would like to see what tricks this idiot could play. At that time, she would be the one to clean up the mess!

Ferocity flickered in Fiona's eyes, but a graceful smile appeared on her face. She said, "Since you are so confident, then I won't say anything more. But if you really make some trouble in the future, I won't show up so easily. Miss Cassandra, take care of yourself."

Cassandra glanced at her lightly, "It's none of your business, Miss Fiona."

Fiona snorted coldly and went straight to the elevator. When Carlos sent her to the elevator, he didn't say much. After all, he knew clearly that what Cassandra did was right, but she was still too impulsive. At this time, if she offended Fiona, without other people's help, could she deal with those people from Lu clan alone?

At the same time, in the downstairs.

In front of a black Bentley car, Randy's face was as dark as ink. He had joined the V Security team since he was a child and followed Martin closely. He was one of Martin's confidants.

Afterwards, he regarded Fiona as the future hostess of the Lu clan wholeheartedly. He had thought that it would be natural for Fiona to marry into the Lu clan, but unexpectedly, Cassandra showed up suddenly.

"Miss Fiona, that woman is just a plaything of our master. Why should she fire me? I don't accept it! " He clenched his fist, and his eyes were burning with anger.

He was Martin's most trusted man and the vice-captain of the V Security team. Over the years, he had made a lot of contributions to Martin. How could she fire him?

Fiona glanced at Randy, saying, "She is right. She is the wife of Martin and the hostess of the Lu clan. So, even I don't have the right to intervene in the affairs of the Lu clan."



Kevin sighed, "Our master is getting better. But the toxins has accumulated in his body after so many years. If he hadn't been sent to the hospital in time, he might have been..."

"He'll be fine," Cassandra suddenly said.

Carlos opened his mouth and tried to say something. He didn't want to admit it, but it was indeed a bad situation for Martin now. If he didn't find someone to transfer his organs, he was afraid that he would never wake up again.

Kevin looked at Cassandra with a complicated look, "Cassandra, I understand how you feel. But his body is really too weak. I've already prepared for the organ transplant surgery, and he can be operated at any time."

Cassandra slowly raised her eyes, looking indifferent as if she had no feelings of human beings. She said word by word, "I'll say it again. He'll be fine."

Then, Kevin was about to say something more but was stopped by Carlos. At this moment, the nurse pushed Martin out of the operating room.

Martin lay on the white hospital bed, pale and lifeless. No one could imagine that the capable business man would be lifeless lying on the bed.

Then Cassandra walked up to him and stared at him silently. After a long while, she raised her hand and fondled his cheek before she said, "You better behave yourself. If you don't wake up, I'll marry someone else."

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