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   Chapter 300 It Has Nothing to Do With You, Miss Fiona

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When Martin was in a coma, the war had already broken out in the whole Lu Group. Everyone wanted to seize the position of the family leader at this time, and she, Fiona, was the only one who could help Martin hold everything!

"I'm not dead yet. Miss Fiona, as an outsider, you shouldn't intervene in the Lu clan's affairs." Cassandra raised her eyebrows and said calmly.

A tinge of coldness flashed across Fiona's elegant face, but soon disappeared. She turned to Cassandra, and said, "Miss Cassandra, this is not a good time to do something rash. Now Martin is in a coma. The whole Lu clan is in turmoil, and the situation of the Lu clan is even more treacherous. I just want to do something for Martin. I mean no harm."

Fiona's words nice. In fact, she was good at scheming. She not only showed her generosity, but also hinted that Cassandra was useless. In such a situation, she was the only one who could stabilize the situation.

Then Cassandra raised her head and stared at Fiona. She was always a perfect woman who dealt with every detail, even if it was to compete for power and money, she made every effort in an arrogant and dignified manner.

Her existence was enough to destroy all lights of Cassandra.

In her previous life, she didn't see the true color of Fiona at all. She was used by her again and again and became the target of public criticism.

"Miss Fiona, you don't need to explain to her. She could do nothing but cause trouble for our master. Humph! " Randy clenched his fists tightly, looking sullen.

'If it weren't for this woman, Ms. Fiona would be the future hostess of the Lu family. She is just a worthless bitch! How dare she said that! Damn it!' thought he.

Randy was one of Fiona's most loyal fans. He had long taken it to heart that Martin suddenly married Cassandra. Although he couldn't change the decision of Martin, he just didn't like Cassandra.

Fiona Shen's face showed dissatisfaction. She gave a cold glance at Randy and shouted, "Randy! Don't talk nonsense! "

Randy snorted coldly, "Miss Fiona, thi

reason why Cassandra did so indicated that she really wanted to stay with Martin, and even and even wanted to clear Fiona's power. . But it was not the time. Cassandra was too anxious. If Fiona did not stand by, how could she fight with those cunning elders of the Lu clan?

Carlos swallowed and said, "Cassandra, Miss. Fiona came back this time to help you. It was true that Randy was wrong, but punishment is enough..."

Hearing this, Cassandra glared at him with a sharp gaze, which scared the hell out of him. He swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue.

"Do you need me to say it again?" Cassandra asked coldly.

Carlos shook his head immediately. "No, no, no! Miss Fiona, I'm sorry. Please leave. "

He would rather offend Fiona than Cassandra. After all, with Martin's character, he would not blame her even if she broke the sky.

Fiona couldn't pretend any more. Her face turned cold all of a sudden, and her face was sinister and ferocious. She said, "Miss Cassandra, I advise you not to be too impulsive. Sometimes you have to think too much. Without my help, how can you defend the Lu clan for Martin? Do you really think that the Lu clan's members could be defeat so easily? "

Cassandra said calmly, "It's my business and you don't need to worry about it. Carlos, send the guests off. From now on, no one is allowed to come in without my permission."

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