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   Chapter 299 I Won't Leave

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"Yes, you're right. They are just like dogs. They will follow the one who gives them the bones. As long as their interests are not touched, they won't get involved in it." said Morris.

"I know, but..." said Jeremy.

"But what?" Morris asked.

After hesitating for a while, Jeremy said, "if we stand out this time, I'm afraid that we can't get along as well as before."

Morris sneered and continued, "Why do you still pretend to be innocent at this moment? The rest of them just couldn't stay calm anymore. If we don't take action now, that position will become someone else's. "

"You are right. Since we all want that position, let's see who has the ability to get it. Rufus is useless now, and Cary doesn't dare to fight against them at this time. But Sean is not a man to be trifled with. He has the support of the Wei clan. We are going to deal with him this time, and that's our top priority."

The fifth eldest son of the Lu clan, Sean Lu, was the one who had the strongest power among several sons of the Lu clan. He not only had a strong background in his clan, but also had a strong force of his wife's clan, the Wei clan. The Wei clan was a well-established force which could be considered as the nobleman of the ancient times. Therefore, Sean's force had been growing stronger over the past few years. However, as an intelligent man, he seemingly did not participate in the competition. Because of internal strife, no one had noticed his ambition. Now when he looked back, he found that Sean was already wealthy and his wealth couldn't be compared with him.

Morris nodded and said, "Sean has made his fortune in the past few years. This time, we have to suppress him by supporting the new elders. He should learn to restrain himself. If he insists on competing with you, we don't need to be polite."

Hearing this, Jeremy looked a little relaxed. "I agree with you. By then, the elder Council will have to rely on you."

Morris waved his hand and said, "Since we

a precise calculating instrument which was tireless, emotionless and indifferent. Since his marriage with Cassandra, he had become as normal as the normal person. He thought it could last forever, but Martin's health...

"So what?" Cassandra asked calmly.


Taking a look at Carlos, Cassandra fixed her eyes on the door of the operating room again. "If I can't even protect my own man, how can I stay by his side?"

Carlos's eyes turned red. "Cassandra, I really didn't expect that you loved my young master so much, but..."

"Carlos, how is Martin?" From the end of the corridor came a hurried voice.

Then a woman in a dark dress walked gracefully towards the elevator. Cassandra followed the voice and saw someone.

They looked at each other as if they were destined.

With embarrassment on his face, Carlos coughed. Miss Fiona, you're back. My master is still in the operating room. We don't know what's going on. "

Fiona frowned and said, "Well, leave the rest to me."

All of a sudden, Carlos didn't know what to say. By instinct, he looked at Cassandra, who was sitting quietly in the chair next to him, as if nothing had happened.

The arrogance of Fiona Shen made her look like the mistress of the Lu family. While Cassandra was just a vase, she didn't take her seriously at all.

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