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   Chapter 297 You Are Distracted

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Cassandra's whole body straddled Martin's body. With her arms around his neck, the atmosphere suddenly turned romantic.

Martin's eyes darkened and he breathed heavily, "Cassandra, stop it."

Cassandra noticed that Martin didn't behave as she had expected. Her ears turned red with anger. With a sad look, she glared at him. "How dare you seduce me? Humph!"

"Don't be afraid." said Martin in a hoarse voice, with his hand gripping Cassandra's wrist.

Cassandra was dumbfounded, 'Why should I be afraid?'

Before Cassandra could react, Martin fell down and pressed on her.

Cassandra's body suddenly froze and her pupils shrank. Almost instinctively, she turned around and held Martin in her arms, asking, "Are you okay, Martin? Don't scare me! !"


He was in a good health now? Why was he in a coma?

A great unease arose in the bottom of Cassandra's heart, followed by uncontrollable trembling. She almost went mad and shouted, "Help! Get the car ready! "

A moment later, Carlos pushed the door open. When the door opened, he almost knelt down. He thought something serious had happened. 'What happened?

What position is it?'

With an embarrassed look on his face, Carlos said, "Mrs. Cassandra..."

Cassandra's face was overcast with anger, "What are you thinking about? Your master is in a coma. Where is the car? Ask Kevin to stand by!"

Carlos's face suddenly changed. During this period, Martin's body was much better. Previously, Kevin did a physical examination for him, and all the indexes of his body have been recovered. The scheme of organ transplant has been almost denied. As long as Cassandra stayed by Martin's side, is not impossible for his body to gradually return to the normal level.

But now, he was in a coma. What happened?

Without thinking too much, Carlos pulled down a black intercom from his waist. "Prepare a helicopter! Stay there! "

Cassandra climbed down from Martin's body carefully, but she didn't move her hands a little bit. She was afraid that once

ng time, considering the background of the Shen clan and the means of Fiona, no one in the clan dared do anything bad to Fiona.

"Yes, master. I'll go and handle it."

The black figure disappeared again like a ghost. Ron stood in the same place for a long time before he reached out to rub the rice paper in front of him into a ball and threw it into the trash can next to him.

"Mr. Ron, you are distracted now."

In the dim light, a woman in white stood at the foot of the corridor, looking at Ron with a faint smile on her face.

"That's nonsense!" Ron retorted with a frown. "I will have the power of the Lu clan in the future! I will have it!"

He had been keeping a low profile these years, waiting for this day.

In order to get the position of the leader of the Lu clan, he could use all kinds of methods. Since ancient times, the winner took all. If he couldn't stand on that position, what was the meaning of his life?

The woman in white walked to the front of Ron step by step. Her smile was as gentle as the rain in South regions in March, which made people feel relaxed and happy. She walked to the side of Ron, touching his cheek with her white and slender fingers.

In the pavilion, Ron rolled his eyes and the Buddhist bead in his hand trembled.

At that moment, he realized that he could never do without desires.

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