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   Chapter 295 I Don't Want You to Be Tired

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Then she got up and eagerly massaged him.

"What do you think of the strength?" Cassandra asked with a flattering smile.

"It's Okay." replied Martin.

At the front row, Carlos was so helpless that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. 'Can you stop torturing me? I'm really miserable.

Please spare my life!'

Cassandra immediately said, "Then the investment..."

"Give me your phone." said Martin.

Cassandra was stunned. "What? What cell phone? "

Martin cast a cold glance at her, and then Cassandra immediately took out two black mobile phones and put them in front of Martin. She also used the identity of Samuel to apply a telephone card.

With the phone which she took photos just now in his hand, Martin unlocked it and found the photo album and sent several pictures she just took to himself.

'How did he do that?

Just tell me if you want the pictures. Don't beat around the bush.'

But then again, it was exactly the way that Martin dealt with things. It was boring!

After sending the photos, Martin chose a photo as the background of his mobile phone. After switching the photo, he saw on the screen, the girl was dressed in a cute deer dress, with two big ears hanging behind. Because of the angle of the photo and the girl's pose, it seemed as if she was standing on tiptoe to kiss him.

Cassandra, "...? ? ?"

'I just couldn't stop this. I don't know what to say either.'

"I agree to invest." said Martin.

"What? So you agreed? "

Just for a few photos?

Not knowing why, she felt that she had lost her dignity. She had planned to have a self-injury trick or a honey trap

It's like she was just about to show her best ability, and she beat her opponent with a few punches. She didn't feel any sense of achievement.

"Do you want to say no?" asked Martin.

Then she shook her head like a rattle drum immediately, "No, no, no! How could I say no! It was so sudden... Hm... Well, in the following days, can I borrow Carlos from you?"

in the business circle knew the relationship between Susan and Roger. Who dared to stop Susan when Roger nodded his head?

"Don't be modest, cousin. I've heard that Roger has asked Director Doris to promise that you must act in this play, otherwise he won't raise investment. You have promised me to let me play the female supporting role, so don't go back on your words." A well-dressed woman standing next to Susan said with a smug face.

This woman's name was Fiona Jiang, Susan's cousin, and a henchman of her in the company. She could deal with a lot of things that Susan was inconvenient to show up.

After she finished her words, a lot of people were looking at her with admiration and envy. Although she just acted the female supporting role, it was her limit to act in this kind of movie because of her talent. If she could perform well in this movie, she was very likely to become A-lister actress with this big movie.

It was a rare chance, so many people were jealous.

Hearing what she said, Susan gave a little chuckle and said, "I have told you many times that you should keep a low profile in the company. The press conference has not been held yet, so don't make it up. Otherwise, Mr. Roger will blame me again."

"It won't happen. He would do anything you ask him to do." Fiona said with a flattering smile.

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