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   Chapter 294 Couple's Clothes

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6944

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Head aching, Cassandra clenched her phone with a sad look on her face. Although she had anticipated that the identity of Martin would cause a lot of trouble, she didn't expect that the first one to notice something wrong would be Daniel.

After thinking for a while, Cassandra typed some words.

Samuel replied, "Are you sure?"

Daniel said, "It does look like..."

Samuel replied, "I just confirmed that it's Martin and his girlfriend. But Martin has a special identity. I hope you will keep it secret for him. Thank you."

She had a strong desire to survive.

At the other side of the phone, Daniel gripped the phone tightly, wondering if Martin had a girlfriend.

And Samuel's reaction seemed to be normal. Did he really think too much and Samuel had no other relationship with Martin?

Somehow, Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately replied to Samuel's message to make an apology, but Samuel had no intention of blaming him. So the matter passed.

Cassandra's nerves finally relaxed. It seemed that she should pay attention to these details in the future. Her career had just begun, she couldn't mess it up at this time. Even if she was forced to make her relationship with Martin public, it would not be now.

She was not strong enough, so she must work harder.

After she put away her phone, Cassandra turned to look at Martin and said, "Oh, it's all your fault, why do you look so handsome? I'm so worried about it."

Martin was rendered speechless.

Was it all his fault to be so good-looking?

'What qualifications do you have to say something like that?'

Then she sighed, "Never mind. I think I'd better change my clothes as much as possible when I come out with you. It's safer. After all, you're my man."

Martin's forehead twitched. Although he knew that she said that for her career, he was still not happy for being despised. If it were someone else, they would have been killed long ago.

"Well. Martin, look at this couple's clothes. Isn't it beautiful? " Leaning on the glass, Cassandra pointed at the clothe

't leave him, he would love her unconditionally.

"Why do you always treat me so well, Martin?" asked Cassandra in a low voice

If he treated her bad, she would have an excuse to leave. However, this man had been so nice to her both in previous life and present life. How could she let him go?

Lowering his eyes, Martin said, "Because... You are my fate... "

Cassandra, "..."

'Can you change your words?'

Although she was deeply moved by his words, her lips were trembling with fear!

Cassandra gave a little cough and asked, "Well, are you hungry? What do you want to eat after we go back?"

"As you wish." said Martin.

Cassandra scratched her head, "You are not in good health. It's better to have some light food. I'll cook some soup for you after I go back home."

"Okay." replied Martin.

Cassandra thought for a while and scratched her head again, "Well, you promised me to invest..."

She had been thinking about the filming, but since Martin didn't mention it these days, she was too embarrassed to ask him. Now both Daniel and Steve had signed the contract, and she was in touch with other characters also. Now the most important thing was to wait.

Martin gave her a quick glance and replied, "It depends."

Cassandra was surprised, 'It depends'? With such an important investment, could you please take it seriously and respect my talent?!

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