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   Chapter 289 Flowers from My Boyfriend

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6714

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With a shiver of the hand, Cassandra looked up at the flower deliverer in horror.

Did she misheard something?

These flowers... A gift for her?

Just now, she said that her skills were not good enough. It was just a nouveau riche...

As soon as the voice of the deliverer faded away, the whole film set exploded. Everyone's eyes fell on Cassandra.

"Holy shit! ! It's for my goddess! "

"I lose my love again! Fuck!"

"Which bastard stole my goddess?"

"Only I want to know who dared to send flowers to her so boldly?"

Not far away, Johnny was discussing the script with Adrian and Ken. The next round would be a good show. Fearing that they might go wrong, Johnny was talking about the details.

Hearing the sound of sending flowers, Johnny looked back and rested his eyes on Cassandra.

Adrian and Ken also followed the sound and looked over. "Whoosh!" Ken jumped to his feet with a black face. He kicked over the chair next to him and rushed towards the flowers.

Since the filming of this play began, it was not a big news that Ken liked Cassandra. And Ken didn't deny it also, he insisted on getting close to Cassandra. Someone had sent so many flowers, obviously, to compete with him. How could he bear it?

At this time, Cassandra stared at the flower deliverer, who was also very discerning, and immediately came to Cassandra's direction.

"Cassandra, right? This is a gift from your boyfriend. Please sign for it. Thank you for your cooperation."

Cassandra was completely dumbfounded. Boyfriend?

How did she get a boyfriend? ?

The sound of sending flowers was not low, and immediately there was a burst of whispers. On hearing this, Ken stiffened in place on half way.

Did Cassandra have a boyfriend?

Why didn't he know?

'I heard she is single?

Besides, the World Media doesn't allow staff to have a private relationship.

What the hell is going on?'

Everyone on the set was confused. They had thought that some rich man was pursuin

Women always say one thing and mean another. Ha-ha, I like this gift very much as a gift. As a return, I also got a gift for you when we have an appointment in the afternoon. I love you, love you."

In order to pacify Martin, she had to go all out.

However, it seemed that beauty was in the eyes of the beholder. Just now, she thought the luxury car was extremely vulgar. Now she found it more and more pleasing.

She even felt that... It looked somewhat elegant and cute.

After all, she knew how to please Martin now, if one kiss didn't work, then two.

"Don't push yourself." said Martin.

Cassandra was so angry that she couldn't utter a single word!

Cassandra replied, "No. I'll ask Carlos to send the flowers back to me later. I'm going to keep them carefully. They are the witness of our love!

Martin replied, "Okay."

It was a relief to Cassandra. She even tried to butter him up for a few more times before she got off the car. Then she asked Marcus to come here and threw the car key to him.

"Marcus, your master sent me these flowers. Keep an eye on them. I'll hold you responsible if any petal is missing." Cassandra asked with a smile.

Blue veins stood out on Marcus' forehead, and his face was as dark as ink.

He was a heartless killer. Could she please respect his dignity as a killer? ?

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