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   Chapter 288 Having a Baby with Her

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6351

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"What's up?" Asked Martin.

"Well, it's grandma's birthday in a couple of days. I want to buy some gifts for her. And I was wondering if you have time tomorrow afternoon, we can go shopping together in the mall. Take it as an appointment by the way."

Speaking of a date, she was on the verge of breaking down.

As for Martin, he was just a workaholic. He had never dated her!

She was the only one who took the initiative to deal with such a thing.

He should be blamed for his low Eq.

A strange emotion flashed in Martin's eyes and he said, "Okay."

Then Cassandra looked up and asked, "Have you really agreed?"

"Yes. I'll pick you up tomorrow." said Martin.

Cassandra's eyes widened, 'What did I hear?

Oh my God! He finally understands me now?

He even promised to pick me up!

My God. Why do I suddenly have the feeling of excitement?'!

Then she said immediately, "I'll finish the job at 1 o'clock pm tomorrow. There is a very secluded place on the left of the film and television city. You can wait for me there. I'll go out immediately after work."

"Okay." replied Martin.

The next day, Cassandra left home early.

Martin saw her off until the car disappeared. Then he turned back to the living room.

With his hair in disorder, Carlos rushed in like lightning, "Master, what happened?"

On the sofa, Martin thought for a while and said, "How... How to please a girl? "

Evan was stunned at first, but then his face became gloomy. He felt it as if his master had urged him to come here desperately just to torture him! !

'I can't do this!'

"You mean, master, you want to know how to please Cassandra. That means you are asking me how to date? ?"

'Master, can you ask directly?

This is enough. Can you stop beating around the Bush?

And what on earth did you do last night? Why do you want to learn to coax girls in such an e

idn't pay much attention to it. She lazily lay on the chair, took out her mobile phone and was about to send a message to Martin to ask what he was doing when she heard a cry.

"Shit! ! Roses in the car! "

"Oh my God. Who is this flower for! How romantic! "

"How envy I am!"

"Wow, so many roses! They must be expensive!"

"God knows who is so lucky to be sent so many roses! I'm going to take photos and post a Wechat moment! "

Taking a glance at the roses, Cassandra didn't think it was romantic but a waste.

'In this era, the way of pursuing girls is too clumsy. They are not only interested in sending roses, but also sent a car of expensive roses.

If she really likes you, you don't need to send her roses. If she doesn't like you, even if you send her a whole car of roses, it doesn't help at all.'

Cassandra secretly took a picture from afar with her mobile phone and sent it to Martin. Then she sent a complaining message with her slender fingers moving slightly.

"One nouveau riche sent roses as gifts here. Don't you think it's a shame to flirt with girls like this?"

As soon as she sent the message, she heard someone calling her name——

"Excuse me, who is Miss Cassandra? Please sign for these flowers. They are for you. "

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