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   Chapter 287 I Will Never Lie To You

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With an angry face, she questioned.

"It's my fault." said Martin.

The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched, 'He made an apology so soon.'

It must be my illusion!

"Humph, do you think that I will forgive you if you make an apology? The wind is too strong outside. What if you catch a cold? "

At that moment, Martin smiled as if there were thousands of stars in his eyes. The stars suddenly lit up the sky in the dark night.

Cassandra was completely indulging in his beauty with a crash in her head.

"I miss you so much, Mrs. Lu, please forgive me." Martin said in a low and hoarse voice.

Mrs. Lu...

It was the first time that she had heard Martin call her Mrs. Lu since she came back to this world.

In her previous life, he called her full name when he was angry, and sometimes he called her Cassandra, in front of outsiders, called her Mrs. Lu to declare his ownership.

She thought she would never hear him call her honey again.

In her previous life, she had clearly hated him announcing his sovereignty over her in that way. However, when she heard him call her by that way again, she felt at a daze.

"What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? " Martin asked worriedly.

Cassandra finally came to her sense, and saw the man's face. The next second, she suddenly wrapped her arms around the man's waist, put her head on his chest, and listened to his strong heartbeat in his chest, and suddenly felt a little sad.

This man had always protected her in his own way, but unfortunately, she had never thought of cherishing it in her previous life. She swore that she would not be so stupid again in this life.

"No, I just suddenly feel that you are so handsome that I am very stressful. After all, there are too many rivals in love, and I am afraid I can't defeat them." Murmured Cassandra.

"No." replied Martin.

"What? What do you mean? "

"You have no rival in love." said Martin.

"I don't trust honeyed words. You can say it at will. I won't listen to it." Cassandra said after a pa

God, my master, you finally have this day. Ha-ha!'

After a long while, Carlos could finally go. With a gesture of running for his life, he ran as quickly as a gust of wind.

Then Cassandra turned to look at Martin who had been lying on the bed and said, "Your subordinate is not good. His master is sick, but he still ran away so fast.

What's wrong with him?"

"If you don't like it, just change it." said Martin.

Cassandra cleared her throat and said, "I didn't mean it that way. I was just kidding. Go to bed first. I'm going to take a shower."

"Yes." said Martin, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Cassandra came out of the bathroom soon. On the bed, as expected, Martin was still awake. The girl was wearing a pink and cute Ruby Pajama, and she quietly rubbed her hands and went to bed.

"Why not sleep?" Then she moved closer to the man. Not knowing since when, she had been accustomed to the smell of Martin. She felt at ease when she smelled it.

"I'm waiting for you." said Martin.

The veins on Cassandra's forehead throbbed. 'He is molesting me again!'

Then she asked, "Well, are you free tomorrow afternoon?"

Although Martin seldom went to the company recently, he had been very busy. The briefcase she had helped him check was indeed not presentable. It was just one of them who liked to act and the other enjoyed to watch.

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