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   Chapter 286 Don't Hang Up If You Are Not Afraid of Being Abused

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6209

Updated: 2020-03-13 00:04

'Be obedient, okay?'

Holding the phone in her hand, Cassandra lost in thought for a moment. She used to dream of hearing this from him, thinking that he would say gently to her as before, "Be obedient, okay?"

In her previous life, she died in despair, which was a result that she indulged in a lie made up gently by Roger.

Cassandra narrowed her eyes and said coldly, "Sorry, this is a perfect opportunity. I don't need it. You can give it to someone else."

On the other end of the phone, Roger's face darkened all of a sudden, and his fingers that were drooping down beside him were tightly clenched with pale joints.

In the darkness, an icy cold voice sounded: "Cassandra, do you really fall in love with that wild man?"

A cold smile appeared on Cassandra's face, and her empty eyes were filled with coldness. She said word by word, "He is my lover. Did you forget that it was you who forced me to marry Martin? "

A hint of coldness flashed in Roger's eyes. He said, "I know you're mad at me. It was all my fault... Now I have made up my mind. I really like you. Could you come back? "

Inside the Maybach, the air was frozen, the huge space seemed to be frozen in an instant.

Martin's eyes were as dark as a black hole. He fixed his eyes firmly on the girl in front of him. Recently, she had been very obedient and sensible, even more considerate than he thought. Especially after knowing that he had a physical problem, the girl took the initiative to take care of him.

All she did made him think that she had really put down everything in the past and wanted to start over with him.


'Can't you help it at last?'

The next second, she saw the man's face. The man leaned back in the chair and his cold face was reflected on the black car window. There was an unprecedented cold atmosphere around him...

ssandra asked.

"Yes." replied Martin.

The look on Cassandra's face darkened as she asked angrily, "Who? Which one of your lovers? Tell me, and I promise I won't hit you! "

'It really pissed me off that someone even had seen Martin's body! He has an affair!'

Martin said calmly, "You."

Cassandra, "..."

'It's beyond my imagination.

Was I being flirted again?'

Cassandra thought.

A "bang" came from the car suddenly before Cassandra could say a word. She was taken aback and thought something was wrong. However, the phone suddenly beeped a few times, indicating that the call was ended.


She seemed not to have hung up the phone just now.

The sweet scene...

Cassandra put the phone in her pocket unhurriedly and stated in a calm voice, "Martin, are you satisfied with my attitude? Roger is a bastard. I'm not a blind person. You are so handsome and rich, why don't I choose you and get back to that man? I'm not an idiot."

After a few seconds of silence, Martin replied, "Yes."

What did that mean?

Did everything go well?

Sure enough, the trick of self-injury worked.

"By the way, weren't you at home tonight? Why did you come out? Have you turned a deaf ear to my words? "

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