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   Chapter 283 How Could My Baby Be Angry

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7007

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On the other side of the phone, Martin said in a low voice, "Am I angry?"

Next to him, Carlos almost knelt down. 'Don't you get angry?!

You seemed to want to slaughter the city a moment ago!

You're not a liar?'

"No, No. How could my baby be angry? Honey, let me watch you take these pills. Drink them all before hanging up, okay?"

Martin cast a cold glance at Carlos and the latter fetched the medicine immediately.

His master refused to drink a mouthful of water just now. However, Cassandra just had coaxed a few words before he agreed to take the medicine.

Don't I have any dignity?'

Anyway, Martin had taken the medicine.

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the bowl in his hand. The medicine was actually bitter, and when he looked at it, he drunk it up. His expression didn't change at all, as if he had just drunk a bowl of water.

Cassandra frowned, "Isn't it bitter?"

"Not at all." replied Martin.

"My baby has suffered. I feel bad for you. Do you have any preserves that I bought for you last time? I'll ask Carlos to bring them to you."

Martin replied, "Yes."

Before she could say anything else, she saw Hackett coming out with a big bowl in his hands. Then she immediately said, "Okay, I still have something to deal with. After I finish it, I will come back. I love you, MUA..."

A cold glint flashed in Martin's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. The phone was cut off, and the video call was ended.

The atmosphere that just eased down was again cooled down.

Carlos was immediately frightened out of his wits. He had thought that he would be safe with the help of Cassandra. He had guessed correctly at the beginning, but he had not guessed correctly at the end! !

Martin narrowed his eyes and ordered, "Get the car ready."

Carlos was stunned. "What? Master, are you going out? It's so late... "

Before he finished his words, the man's icy gaze came.

Carlos shivered with fear. What did he say wrong? But he just said it was so late...

'Master, please spare my life!'!

In Hackett's house.

Hackett put

portunity to expand his own career and purchased several famous film houses and entertainment companies.

The movie was of great importance to both the GR Group and Doris.

More importantly, thanks to this film, Susan had made a solid foothold in the entertainment industry. She not only won the Movie queen award, but also became the nominated best actress of Oscar. Although she didn't get the award in the end, she was nominated, which was a huge honor.

After thinking for a while, Cassandra said, "I don't think Mr. Doug is an ordinary person. If he really chooses to cooperate with Doris, the movie is likely to catch fire just by his name and the promotion of the GR Group."

Hackett nodded and said, "I agree with you. But he always keeps a low profile and has superb makeup skill. It is difficult to find him."

"You want to see him?" asked Cassandra.

"Although I'm not a film actor, I'm quite interested in this field. I've always wanted to do an exclusive interview for a certain figure, but I haven't found any suitable candidate. It would be great if Master Doug agrees." Hackett continued.

"You can do it. Trust yourself." said Cassandra.

Hackett smiled noncommittally and explained, "Master Doug is mysterious and seldom meets anyone. Besides, he doesn't come to H country very often. It's not easy to see him, not to mention interviews. I just have this idea."

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