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   Chapter 282 Only You Can Tease Me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6942

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In the Yan Garden.

In the study.

Martin was leaning against the sofa with a cold face. The buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned by him, revealing a row of beautiful clavicles.

At the moment, Carlos stood there, trembling with fear.

At this moment, Carlos was almost on the verge of breaking down. He didn't know what was wrong with Cassandra. His master was already upset when she went to meet another man. Now that the wild man even touched Cassandra's hand, and acted as the hero saved the beauty...

What's more, she went to the man's home...

'Oh my God! Could Cassandra stop making trouble every day?!

No one loves me. I'm a lonely cabbage in pain.'

On the sofa, Martin was holding a photo with his cold fingers. In the photo, Hackett was holding the wrist of Cassandra and pushing her away.

Although he had ordered to get rid of surveillance, in order to ensure the safety of Cassandra, someone had been following her secretly all the time.

There was a dead silence in the air, and the whole space seemed to have formed an invisible layer of ice.

"Well... Master, the situation at that time was too dangerous..." And Cassandra didn't... She didn't do something wrong... " Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Carlos summoned up his courage and said.

At that time, if Hackett didn't offer a hand, the hot soup would scald Cassandra.

But the adulterer touched her hand unexpectedly! !


God knew how much he wanted to cut off that man's hand and feed the dog!

'Cassandra is mine. No one is allowed to touch her!'

In an instant, Martin's black eyes were filled with coldness and fury, and his eyes were burning. "So, should he touch her hand?"

The veins on Carlos's forehead throbbed. He didn't know how to respond. In that situation, everyone would have that reaction. However, in front of his master, these were taboos.

Carlos didn't dare to explain. With difficulty, he stuttered, "Well, master, that's not what I meant... She is your wife. No one is allowed to touch her... What do you think

so handsome that I don't need to be teased. There's no other man in my eyes."

The look on Martin's face softened a little, but he couldn't help but darken his face a little bit when he remembered that the girl deliberately said this to flatter him.

"I can't believe honeyed words. You can say it as you like and I'll listen." said Martin.

Cassandra said seriously, "These are all my words from the bottom of my heart, absolutely not a casual talk. You are my heart, you are my liver, you are my precious preserves."

When she heard the lines of the hero and the heroine in a drama several days ago, she got goose bumps all over and despised them. Now speaking of it, it was unbelievable.

"Really?" asked Martin.

She said, he was her heart, he was her liver, he was her precious preserves.

Even if it was to please him, it was undeniable that he had been pleased.

In front of her, all his principles and bottom line were nothing but clouds.

The dead air was like spring returning to the earth, and the temperature suddenly rose several degrees.

Cassandra immediately nodded, "Of course! When did I ever lie to you? Right? "

With one hand propping up his head, Martin raised his eyebrows and replied, "Yes."

Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief and said as if she was coaxing a child, "So, don't be angry. Take the medicine and have dinner, okay?"

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