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   Chapter 280 Hands Are Like Clothes

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With a sad look on his face, Zed shook his head. "Hackett, don't deny it. I understand."

'You understand what? You son of a bitch!'

Hackett glared at Zed with red eyes, almost spitting out blood with anger. "I say again that I don't like you. I have said that it was an accident last time. And the girl just now, I don't like her at all. I already have someone I like!"


'How could he be so confident that he thinks I will like him?'

Even if he loved men, he would like Samuel!

In the next second, Hackett was also shocked by his idea. Damn, how could he think of Samuel again?

Sweat could be observed on his forehead, and he pinched his fingers which were resting on his side. He didn't feel well recently and always thought of Samuel by accident. Besides, when he was with Samuel, he felt his heart skipped a beat.

How could he have this kind of feeling for a man?


Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, Zed frowned and said, "Tell me then, who on earth do you like? Hackett, there is no one else around you. You turned down all the girls chasing you... Remember, you kissed me last time... It's said that men can't control their behavior after drinking. Luckily, I've controlled it in time, or else you will make a big mistake. "

He and Hackett had been friends for so many years, and he must stop him in time to prevent him from doing wrong things!

The veins on Hackett's forehead popped out. He roared, "I said it was an accident. It was an accident! If you dare to say something stupid again, I'll break your legs! "

'Well, you said you didn't love me. You are turning angry from embarrassment to desperate. Well, apparently you love me so much.'

With a hesitant look on his face, Zed wondered how he should choose between his brother and his wife.

After a long while, looking at Hackett with a strong and confident look on his face, Zed stood up and walked to him. Then he raised his hand to pat him on the shoulder and said in a very serious tone, "Hackett, although you don't want to give up on me, a

ally foolish."

Hackett's eyes dimmed all of a sudden. He raised his hand, squeezed his eyebrows, and said tiredly, "It's not the time yet. To be honest, I'm not sure if I really like him, or if he has a crush on me... Let's drop it. There's a news. Go and check it out. "

Zed wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Finally he gave out a helpless sigh and said, "Okay, go ahead."

Ah, after all, friends were like hands and feet, women were like clothes. When necessary, hands and feet could also be clothes...

Hackett switched to his working mode and said, "The GR Group is going to take some big actions recently. You go and follow them. If everything goes well, they will announce the news in a few days."

"GR Group? Hackett, you seem to care a lot about the GR Group recently. "

The company's performance was constantly rising recently. Most of the news was related to the GR Group. Although it was understandable for them to be reported by the media, and because of a lot of exclusive news, the company had gained a great reputation recently.

But it was the GR Group, after all. If the GR Group launched an attack, their company might not be able to bear it. Their company had offended many people and been bullied by the public because of too much real news. Now it had a new improvement, so they didn't want to repeat the same mistake.

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