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   Chapter 277 A Scum Who Valued Relationships more than Friends

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 5941

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"What? Have you found that girl? " "Whoosh!" Steve sprang up from the chair with an unbelievable look.

'How did he find her?

But why did his tone sound weird?'

"Yes, I found her. I met her in the corridor and asked her to be my girlfriend." Daniel answered.

Steve's pupils suddenly shrank, "Holy shit! Really? You are so awesome, Daniel. You must have been refused when you asked her to be your girlfriend. Ha-ha! "

Daniel massaged his brow speechlessly. He was annoyed now, but why this fool still bothered him?

'I must have lost my mind to call Steve.'

"Do you want me to punish you?" asked Daniel seriously.

"I'm just happy for you. You finally find your true love. When will you come out with her?"

"Go to hell! Please let me finish my words, okay? "

"Okay, I will. You first."

"Do you know why she refused me?" Daniel asked after taking a deep breath.

"I don't know. Can you just tell me directly? Don't keep me guessing."

"She said... She didn't like men... Steve, do you think it is an excuse to refuse me, or... She really doesn't like men... "

Steve almost spat out blood. 'My goodish, don't you have a brain when you go out? It must be an excuse to refuse you. Are you an idiot?

Do men in love have problems with their IQ?'!

"Daniel, are you an idiot? If she really doesn't like men, how could she tell you so easily? Obviously, it's just an excuse to refuse you! " Steve said seriously.

Daniel's thin lips tensed into a straight line. After a long while, he began to say, "Not really. I just saw her in the corridor, together with Peggy, and I don't know why, I always subconsciously connected her with Samuel. They look so alike. "

Steve's face turned pale. 'Brother, are you... Uh, the man and the woman ha

or was pushed open and a familiar figure appeared. The girl stood in front of the door in a sluggish manner. The temperament between her eyebrows was somewhat like that of Samuel! !

With a sudden shrink of his pupils, the mobile phone in Daniel's hand slipped from his fingertips and fell to the ground with a click. At that moment, his heart was uncontrollably beating wildly.

Beating! Beating! !

He felt that deer, who had just been killed in his heart, was still alive...

"Sorry to bother you." Cassandra walked into the office and said casually.

Her words brought Daniel back to the present. He was shocked and then quickly flushed. He hurriedly bent down to pick up the phone.

However, before he touched his phone, a white and long finger was one step ahead of him to pick up the phone on the ground, the screen still showing the call record.

"Holy shit! You are such a bastard who only cares about the relationships! ! I'm almost deaf! " On the other side of the phone, Steve roared angrily.

Daniel was speechless.

Cassandra, "..."

What she feared most was the sudden silence of the air...

She didn't want to make the atmosphere awkward...

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