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   Chapter 275 I like Ugly Men

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6342

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Cassandra followed Kelvin and Johnny to leave the meeting room. As soon as she left the meeting room, she let out a sigh of relief. Then she felt cold all over her body.

Shit! What happened? ?

Instinctively, Cassandra turned her head and saw that Daniel was standing behind her, and no one knew where Johnny and others were.

In the air, there was a strange dead silence.

With the veins throbbing in her forehead, Cassandra forced a smile that was worse than crying and said, "Mr. Daniel, what a coincidence. We met again..."

Clutching his fists tightly, Daniel stared at her. For some reason, another familiar figure flashed through his mind.

This girl... Why did she look like Samuel?

Especially her eyes...


Why did he think of Samuel at this moment!

Was he crazy?

He came to the World Media in the first place in order to find his true love. As for Samuel, he just helped him once, and he just wanted to repay Samuel!

As Daniel approached her step by step, Cassandra instinctively stepped back until she leaned against the wall, "Mr. Daniel, what do you want?"

"Be my girlfriend." he said to Cassandra.

Cassandra's pupils suddenly dilated, which was in great contrast to his shameful countenance. 'Young man, we've just met twice, and you want me to be your girlfriend.'

'Can't you be more reserved?'?

"Well... Mr. Daniel, do you have any misunderstanding of me? !" Cassandra was speechless.

The look in his eyes darkened. He came here for the girl in front of him, so it was not too much for him to make this request. As long as the girl agreed to be with him, he would stop woolgathering.

Yes, it must be like this

"I'll say it again. Be my girlfriend. I can give you whatever you want." He said again.

She didn't know what Daniel was thinking about. She blinked and wondered if she had auditory hallucination? 'Is he

a almost bit her own tongue.

'Oh my God! Is she always here?'

Did she hear what she said?

Although she said that to make an excuse, she said it personally. Moreover, she kissed Peggy a few days ago...

Holy shit! Now, there was nothing she could do to clear herself...

At the landing of the staircase, Peggy looked at Cassandra indifferently and said, "The meeting is over. I was going to talk to you. Don't worry. I won't say a word about what happened just now."

Cassandra, " This misunderstanding was really a big one. I... I... "

'How can I explain this?!

It's all Daniel's fault!

It was all his fault!'

Peggy pressed her lips and said, "There is no need to hide it. Some people are born to be different. You are so dazzling that those men really don't deserve you."

Cassandra's temples throbbed with rage. 'Peggy, I'm glad you praise me, but it's a big misunderstanding.' she thought.

Embarrassed, Cassandra rubbed her temples and said, "Peggy, I said I was... Ah! Mr. Daniel, why are you back? ?"

Not far away, Daniel stood still like a statue. He thought that Cassandra was just joking, but at this moment, he saw that she was with Peggy...

Cursed Cassandra in her mind, 'God damn it! !

I'm not a lesbian! !'

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