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   Chapter 274 I Don't Know My Own Fate

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"It's none of your business. Just promise me. I have a lot of work to do. Bye!"

Then Andrew hung up the phone.

He hung up the phone before Daniel could figure out what was going on.


'What Andrew the hell is he thinking about? Even if I need to go there to help him, I don't need to know the reason. How could he hang up the phone without asking me?

He won't survive two episodes on TV!'

In the multi-functional conference room.

Almost everyone was there when Cassandra came. Kelvin reserved a seat for her in advance, so she went straight over and sat down.

"Kelvin, what happened? Why did all the staff of our company come here?" Cassandra asked in confusion.

As for the internal affairs of the World Media, she rarely paid attention to it. After all, she just took the World Media as a springboard. She would leave sooner or later, so she did not plan to pay more attention to the company's affairs.

Kevin shook her head and replied, "I don't know. I got the notification this morning. So I came here."

"You two, I'm convinced. It's such a big matter in the company, but you don't know it at all. Do you have any gossip spirit?" Jack whispered.

Then Cassandra looked at him and said, "Jack, don't keep us in suspense. Tell me what happened."

Jack immediately said, "It's said that Mr. Andrew wanted to pick a vice president in person. Think about it. Who dare go against his wish? Didn't you see the faces of Simon Liang and the others were so ugly that they were almost frozen? "

In the past, Cassandra had always been thinking about what happened to Kelvin. This time, if Andrew could personally bring up someone to fight against Simon in person, she would be happy to see him succeed. Even if she wouldn't stay for long, she didn't want to see Simon control the company.

Then Cassandra rubbed her chin and continued, "Well, who will be the deputy CEO?"

Jack shook his head, "I really don't know. It is said that only Mr. Andrew

iel must be a dream man!"

"My prince charming!"

Everyone in the circle knew that Bruce was a representative of character. Even a random supporting role, let alone the leading role of the play he played, was enough to make a big splash in the circle. Being favored by him was a positive impression of his strength.

It seemed that Daniel's acting skill was good since he was able to sign the main character of the movie. However, Cassandra remembered exactly that the main character of the movie was a man with great fame under the GR Group. The media had also guessed that the man would be in the favor of Bruce.

In this life, Cassandra helped Daniel and changed the fate of many people.

At the thought of this, Cassandra felt complicated. Although she didn't know the ending of everyone, she knew most of the things happened to these people, but she didn't know her own fate.

When she came back from her rebirth, she took every step carefully because she knew that she couldn't lose any more.

'If I was wrong once, then I was silly. If I was wrong twice, then I was stupid'.

The meeting was quickly over, and no one had announced the new vice president candidate as expected. Jack was surprised and sat in the chair.

'He didn't announce the new vice general manager...

This doesn't make sense!'

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