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   Chapter 273 I will not take the blame

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The next day, Cassandra received a phone call from Gillian, who said that there was something important in the company and asked her to go to the company first in the morning.

Cassandra didn't know what had happened, but judging from his tone, she thought it was not a bad thing, so she rushed to the company.

At the World Media's headquarters.

In the multi-functional conference room.

In the conference room, most members of the World Media had arrived except a few stars who were too busy. The whole conference room was very lively.

"Have you heard it? Today is about to announce some personnel appointment, and it is said that Mr. Andrew personally promoted the candidate for the vice general manager of the company..."

"I've heard about it too. But who is he? He is so amazing that he is worthy of the promotion?"

"I don't know. I heard that Mr. Andrew came here for this person..." one of the employees answered.

"Why do I feel like I've missed some gossips worth hundreds of millions? !"

"Is he Mr. Daniel?"

"I don't think so. If Mr. Daniel cares about this, he might as well go back to his family's company."

"You're right. Then who is it?"

At the same time, in the president's office.

Gillian was totally confused and stared at Andrew. "Mr. Andrew, do you mean that the new vice general manager you mentioned is... Samuel? ?"

How dramatic?

'If you know who Samuel is, you might faint...'

Andrew nodded, "I came here for Samuel. Though he seldom showed up, he has a good PR ability. And he helped Daniel through the crisis this time. Such a great PR talent, of course I have to keep him."

When he first came to the World Media, he saw the new signed film star reported by Gillian. However, he didn't expect to find a public relations genius.

Samuel encountered several crises in public relations. He not only tried to turn the tide back, but also made a wave of hype for the parties. He would never miss such a talent.

"Mr. Andrew, I'm afraid that yo

ple in the company. What if the news gets out? That idiot Bruce Wei would strangle me!"

Andrew rubbed his forehead and pleaded, "Bro, I beg you. Please help me. There's an emergency here. I have to put you out temporarily."

Daniel's face was darkened, 'Why I must save your face? Shame on me!'!

Daniel gritted his teeth, "No, I won't take the blame!"

Like the old saying goes, a pot falls from the sky. In the past few years, he had already taken much blame.

Andrew didn't give up. "You always wanted my Hummer, didn't you? As long as you agree to help me, it's yours."

Daniel's eyes sparkled with surprise. Because the Hummer's production had been stopped for some time, he had already fancied the unique version of Andrew's Hummer. However, Andrew had not been willing to give it to him. This time, how could Andrew take the initiative to give this good thing to him?

What happened to him? Why would he sacrifice himself like that?

"What happened? Why did you make such a sacrifice?" Daniel asked, rubbing his chin. It's not your style. "

'You are a little conscientious, and you know I have made a big sacrifice. But even so, I won't tell you the real reason.' Andrew thought, veins throbbing in his forehead.

For him, the person he wanted to protect was Cassandra, and for her, he was willing to pay any price.

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