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   Chapter 272 I Will Sing For You

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6566

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"Inform them of a meeting tomorrow morning." Martin ordered.

Carlos was stunned. He wanted to say something more, but he finally shut up. The decision made by his master never changed, except for Cassandra.

"Martin, you go back to your room and rest. I will handle this." Cassandra glanced at the official document on the desk and said.

Carlos was almost on the verge of breaking down. 'Cassandra, if you don't let my master deal with it, it's fine, but you make troubles again!'

"Okay." replied Martin

Carlos, "What? ? ? ?"

'Master, are you really serious about it?

It's a big project of the company and it's astronomical. It will be ruined by her...'

He had a hunch that his company was going to be destroyed by Cassandra.

Then, Cassandra sent Martin upstairs for a rest. After making sure that he was lying down, she went downstairs with relief.

After getting back to the sofa, Cassandra glanced at the brief case on the table and asked, "Which one did you mention just now?"

With a sad face, Carlos took out the file at the top and said, "That's it, but are you sure you can deal with it? This is our biggest project this year. It has to be decided by our young master. "

Catching a glimpse of him, Cassandra asked, "Why don't you trust me?"

Carlos gave her a wry smile. He couldn't believe what he heard. She was already strenuous when she dealt with some small projects. She didn't know how to deal with those big projects. 'Were you kidding me?'

However, he knew clearly that his master wouldn't stop her from doing what she wanted.

'I'm so helpless...'

Carlos said, "No, nothing serious. Of course I trust you."

Cassandra was satisfied with his reply. Of course, she knew his worry was reasonable. However, he didn't know that she knew how to deal with some important decision matters of the Lu Group, and what was more, she also knew the consequences of it. She would evade the risks of these projects a

he man in her heart, he was willing to wait, until she forgot that man completely, until he was the only person in her heart.

He really wanted to ask her how she went through all these years when he was not with her?

She repeated the song for several times. She didn't stop until he breathed evenly.

It was one of her favorite songs. She listened to this song for numerous cold nights. She should not care about too much if she loved one deeply. Therefore, when she knew that Roger had changed his mind and that the man she loved climbed into her sister's bed, she was painful, but she chose to accept it passively.

'When you love someone, you don't care about yourself.' She thought that as long as she paid with all her heart, she could gain the payback at the same time. However, nobody said that the person you loved must like you.

In her previous life, she was infatuated with Roger. Even though she accepted the fact that Roger had changed his heart frankly, she was still not able to get over it. Thus she was deceived and used by Roger and Susan. Now she thought about it, she found that she was really stupid at that time. She was sold and still helped others pay for the money.

But it didn't matter. Now she was back, and she would take everything they owed her back, bit by bit!

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