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   Chapter 270 What an Excellent Man

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The corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched. She had thought that which role he would choose. She didn't expect that after reading the script, he actually wanted to act the ex-boyfriend of the heroine.

'Young man, you really have a strong desire to survive.'

Then she looked at Steve and asked, "Do you really want to act this role?"

Steve nodded immediately. "Of course! This is my result after careful consideration. You see, the scheming temperament I wear fitted the role. Of course, the most important thing is that this role is handsome! ! Am I right? "

'Are you kidding me?

Don't you have a guilty conscience to say such shameless words?'

But what Steve said interested Cassandra. In general, Steve was a funny man. Most of his roles were arranged according to his own image. They were all some kinds of president. If he could play this role, he would look so different from others. It would be a wonderful selling point…

But what worried Cassandra most was the performance of Steve.

'Although Steve's appearance is good, his acting skill is not so well. Such a character requires excellent skills. Otherwise, it will be easy to mess it up. I've put a lot of effort into this play, and I don't want to screw it up here.' she thought.

Then she said, "Come out with me."

Steve was shocked, "What? Where are you going? Do you want to sleep with me? I don't want to hurt you! …… Can you be gentle to me? I... This is my first time to... "

Cassandra, "..."

'Where is my sword?

I must kill this fool today!

Who the hell wanted to sleep with you!

You know clearly what you look like?

I'd rather sleep with Daniel!'

The veins on Cassandra's forehead popped out, "Never mind if you don't come."

"No no no! I'll go with you. I was just kidding just now. Ha... It's my honor to be hooked

you can't do? " Said Steve, with an incredible face.

Cassandra released that girl and thought, 'Can you just speak in a polite way? Who is bullying you?'

"Well... May I know your name? Can I have your phone number? " The girl with a bashful look asked timidly.

Cassandra, "..."


She just didn't want to get the girl in trouble because of Steve.

What was going on?

Steve said in a flattering tone, "Of course you can't. You're ugly. How can you ask for his phone number? Forget it! "

Cassandra was speechless. 'How dare you say that? ?

Besides, do you have any idea how hurtful your words are?'

However, she didn't expect that the girl would ask her for her phone number.

Oh, another disaster happened.

The girl covered her face and ran away before Cassandra could say anything.

"Samuel, am I doing a good job? Can I act the heroine's ex-boyfriend? " Steve said in a low voice.

Cassandra touched her forehead speechlessly. "Not too bad. I can give you this role."

There was no denying that Steve's face was good-looking. Although his acting skill was not so excellent now, it could be improved later.

Most importantly, if she didn't agree, Steve would be screwed up.

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