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   Chapter 264 I Was Wrong

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On the ground, the woman's face turned blue and white, with an incredible expression on her face.

How could it be possible?

She had fallen down. Under normal circumstances, even if Martin didn't like her, he should at least help her up a little! !

How could this be!

Instead of seizing the opportunity to capture Martin, she made a fool of herself!

Damn it!

Martin was not a real man. How could he turn a blind eye to such a situation?!

Embarrassed, the man next to her helped her up and said, "Sorry, Miss Lin, you are also careless. Let's go."


She did it on purpose so obviously...

Martin's eyes glimpsed at the girl and said seriously, "My girlfriend is so stingy. She doesn't like me to have any intercourse with any other woman. I'm sorry."

All of a sudden, there was a strange dead silence.

What did they hear? ?

Did he have a girlfriend?!

Not a mistress or a rumor, but an actually girlfriend Martin!

It was said that Martin was not only inhumane, but also... But also a gay! !

Why did he suddenly have a girlfriend?

No wonder that the woman had been so active just now and Martin didn't seem to have any reaction. It turned that he had got a girlfriend. But now, everyone was shocked by the woman's bold behavior.

He already had a girlfriend, but she still tried to seduce him. Wasn't that a complete mistress?

The woman's face was as gloomy as the black pan. When did Martin have a girlfriend? ? Was there anything wrong with her intelligence? ?

Not far away, Cassandra kneaded her eyebrows with a headache. She couldn't stop this...


When her cell phone rang, Cassandra absently picked her phone up and scanned it. A line of words appeared on the screen.

It was from Martin, "Are you satisfied now?"

Yan canglan was so scared that she almost threw the phone away. She went ballistic!

'Do you want to be so cruel to me?'

She was a little jealous just no

amiliar Maybach, she was frightened.

She would pay for what she had done sooner or later!

Carlos got off the car at the fastest speed and opened the door for her like a hatchet man. "Please, sister-in-law!"

Cassandra thought, 'Do you need to be so active?! Why don't you give me a bowl of wine and see me off?'

Speechless, Cassandra got into the car, 'damn it! Why it's so cold?'

In the car, Martin was still sitting there, without any reaction.

Then she handed the box to him and said, "Martin, it's a gift for you..."

After a few seconds, the man slowly opened his eyes. His dark eyes, as if showing a mysterious faraway, fixed on the girl.

"Martin, I was wrong. I shouldn't have chosen another girl to kiss in order to prove my sexual orientation. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry. Could you forgive me?" Cassandra lowered her head and said pitifully.

It could be said that her desire for life was very strong.

Martin's eyes were as dark as ink. He knew she was just trying to play up to him, but she wouldn't do it again.

He really hated her like this, but there was nothing he could do.

He cast a cold glance at her and said, "Is that all?"


What else do you want me to do?

I have apologized.

Why are men so difficult to be coaxed!' she thought!

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