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   Chapter 261 Even Better Than Me

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6590

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"What? Mr. Daniel, you want to fire me! How can you fire me! " Frankie said with great emotion.

It was not easy for him to get in this position. How could he be fired for a small mistake!

He worked for the big young master of the Yun family!

A light of coldness appeared in Daniel's eyes. He gave him a cold look and said, "What? I don't even have the right to fire a vice president now? Or do you think that my brother will come to save you so you have nothing to fear in front of me? "

Frankie's face changed and he couldn't say a word.

It was true that he was the subordinate of Gary, who was Daniel's elder brother. However, in front of so many people, Gary couldn't save him even if he was here. After all, compared with the reputation of the Yun family, he didn't deserve Gary's help at all.

Frankie's face became ashen. He never dreamed that he would be fired by Daniel!

Frankie was quickly taken away by someone. Because of this incident, Cassandra was famous for being involved in. At this party, everyone saw that Daniel fired the vice president of their own hotel out of anger.

"Well done!" Steve said excitedly.

Cassandra didn't mean to make it a big deal, but instead she owed a favor to Daniel.

Then she smiled, "It's not a big deal. Thank you, Mr. Daniel."

Hearing this, Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. "I should have thought it over. I didn't expect this to happen. Mr. Samuel, please don't take it to heart."

Cassandra waved her hand, "It's all over now. Don't mention it anymore. Let's go in first."

Steve couldn't bear it, "Hey, I'm still here. Did you hear me! You all turn a blind eye to my handsomeness. That's too much! "

Speechless, Cassandra thought, 'Did the monkey send him here to play tricks?

How dare he say something like that?'

"Even if you don't speak, no one will think you are dumb." Daniel said, rolling his eyes at him.

Steve looked indignant, "Daniel, you ungrateful bastard!

s speechless. A beautiful woman with a slim figure came over, wearing a white evening dress.

A fair lady is a gentleman's good mate.

Then Cassandra stood up from the chair and said, "Look carefully."

Not waiting for Steve's response, Cassandra put her arms around the beauty's waist and bowed her head, kissing her red lips with her slightly cool lips.


Like a thunderclap, the beautiful woman's eyes suddenly narrowed. In her dark eyes, there was only Cassandra's enlarged face that was countless times larger and attractive to the public.

Steve, 'What...? ? ?

It's beyond my imagination.!

A kiss?

Didn't she say that she have a girlfriend? ?'

Steve was shocked. He looked at the scene in front of him like a sculpture, and his heart was beating uncontrollably wildly.

Beat! Beat! Beat! !

A few seconds later.

As soon as Cassandra let go of the girl in her arms, a familiar figure came into her sight.

Not far away, Martin, in a black suit, slowly walked towards her surrounded by a large group of people.

Shit! That's it! !

Why was he here?!

He didn't say that he was coming to the charity party. Damn it!

In a flash, she felt that her heart had undergone a great disaster. 'Martin, listen to me. I can explain it!' She shouted in her heart.

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