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   Chapter 260 Make Daniel Embarrassed

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6774

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Soon it was the charity party of the Tang Charity Foundation. After Cassandra finished filming, she rushed directly from the film and television city.

The charity party was held in a star hotel owned by the Yun Group. The scene of the evening party was strictly guarded. Except for the guests invited, no outsider was allowed to go in and out freely.

Most of the rich men in the capital city were here. Any of them was powerful.

At the entrance of the party, there were many guests.

Because of attending this kind of occasion, Cassandra had specially changed into a rather formal black suit, with a black tie around the neckline and a short flaxen hair. She looked very slender and gorgeous.

"Sir, please show us your invitation. Thank you for your cooperation." At the door, an employee in charge of checking her identity said with a smile.

The people who were able to get in and out of this place were either rich or powerful. And Cassandra was wearing expensive luxury brands, so these people naturally dared not neglect her.

Cassandra frowned slightly. Yesterday, Daniel invited her on the spur of the moment, so he didn't mention the invitation. Besides, as the young master of the Yun Group, there was no need for the invitation.

"Sorry, I didn't have the invitation." Replied Cassandra.

That employee's face changed, "No invitation? According to the rule, you are not allowed to enter without the invitation. "

The voice of the employee was not low, and there were many guests at the moment. It was fresh to have no invitation, so the crowd looked around immediately.

"It's so shameless of you to come to such a place without invitation!"

"Yes, we are in a public place. Don't you feel ashamed?"

"She is a little bit beautiful. It's not bad to be her boyfriend."

"It's ridiculous. Does anyone casually come to such a high-end charity party?"

She didn't finish what she wanted to say just now. She was going to call Daniel and ask him to pick her up so that she didn't ha

his forehead and said, "Mr. Daniel, this gentleman doesn't have the invitation and he caused trouble here just now. So... That's why I took him out. I didn't mean to disturb the order. I didn't expect him to be a friend of you... "

"He has no invitation, then you can be rude? He is so fine skinned and tender. What if he is hurt by you? Daniel, your men have gone too far. You must revenge for Samuel! " Said Steve in an angry voice as he walked to Cassandra.

'My performance is not bad, right?

Would she give me a chance of the role?' Steve said in his heart.

Indeed, Cassandra was a little angry just now. After all, she felt embarrassed to be treated like this in such an occasion. Although she didn't mean to make things difficult for others, she couldn't endure this.

"Even if he didn't have the invitation, how could you have the guts to fight?" Daniel asked, scowling at Frankie. When did our Yun family raise a person like you to abuse your power to bully people? "

Just then, the Hall fell into silence.

Daniel's words pronounced the end of Frankie.

Frankie was sweating and his face was pale. "I... Mr. Daniel, it was all the subordinates' fault. I am loyal to you... I... "

Daniel sneered, "From now on, you are not the vice president of this hotel any more. Go to the financial office and settle your salary."

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