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   Chapter 257 What's Your Wechat ID

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6743

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Then they chatted for a while. Daniel asked her some details about their cooperation. Steve tried his best to prove his existence but finally he was ignored. He sat there with an aggrieved face and looked depressed.

When the conversation almost came to an end, Cassandra received a message from Martin.

"It's not over yet?"

His words simply indicated his resentment?

Cassandra frowned and replied, "Almost done."

Martin replied without hesitation, "I am nearby."

'If my memory serves me right, I asked Martin to have a rest at home. Why did he come out?

Was he worried about me?

Am I such a loose woman?

And can't you finish your words all at once? What do you mean by staying nearby? He is coming to pick me up?

This is ridiculous? !' Cassandra thought.

"What's wrong? What happened? " Seeing Cassandra's anxious appearance, Daniel asked.

Cassandra rubbed her forehead as she had a headache, "Nothing special. There was an emergency. I'd better leave now. You can call me when you make up your mind."

Steve came to him and said, "Me, me, me! Samuel, don't forget to give me a script! "

The veins on Cassandra's forehead were throbbing, "No, I won't."

Steve thought for a while and rolled his eyes, "Samuel, what's your Wechat ID? We are all friends, aren't we? It's necessary to exchange messages to express feelings, right?"

Cassandra, "..."

He was right, and she couldn't refuse.

Besides, although Steve's acting skills were not good, he was pretty and intelligent. He had a great deal of fans who loved him very much. What's more, His personality was very cheerful. He was capable of dealing with all kinds of people and seldom attracted discontent. Therefore, he had a bright future ahead.

If Cassandra remembered correctly, three years will be the best opportunity for Steve's development. With his handsome face and great interpersonal network, Steve became the best actor. He even became the main pillar of the FX International Group at that time

e ground and asked, "Okay, do you need me to pick you up?"

"No, thank you," Cassandra answered after a pause.

Steve couldn't help but complain in a low voice, "Daniel, you are such a snob! We have known each other for so many years, but you never picked me up. It's too fast for you to express your desire."

Steve was just complaining, but Daniel's heart suddenly trembled, his pupils shrank a little, and his heart was uncontrollably beating wildly.


Don't beat!'

He didn't mean anything else but worry that Samuel couldn't find the way for the first time, or he would be neglected!

'Yes! It must be so!'

"Holy shit! Out of print Maybach 62s! ! Whose luxury car was this? Why is it here? " Steve, with wide eyes, looked enviously at the black car parked beside them.

On hearing this, Cassandra immediately turned around and saw a familiar black Maybach parking behind her.

Damn you! 'What a bastard! Is he going to torture me to death?' she thought?

Meanwhile, Cassandra was at a loss for words. She didn't know how to explain that car to them. Since Daniel and Steve had no idea whose car it was, she decided to make an excuse to drive them away later.

However, next second, the door of the black Maybach was opened. Wearing a black suit, Martin got out of the car with no expression on his face.

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