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   Chapter 255 Like-minded

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6427

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Everything went well in the next few days and the progress of shooting which was delayed before was made up. Cassandra focused on her work. On the other hand, she took most of her personal time to take care of Martin.

Recently, with the personal guidance of Martin, she knew a lot about the business of the Lu Group. In addition, she had a general understanding of the future of the Lu Group in her previous life, so she learned fast and was able to do some simple business on her own.

Soon it was Sunday and the date to meet with Daniel.

As Daniel was going to attend Steve's wrap party first, Cassandra was not in a hurry to go out. Moreover, Daniel had mentioned that Steve wanted to come with him, she didn't refuse. After all, it was a rare opportunity for her to say such handsome boys together.

In the hall of the Yan Garden.

Cassandra deliberately chose a light grey casual suit today and went downstairs after changing her clothes.

Martin sat on the sofa with an enigmatic expression. Carlos stood beside him with trepidation. To tell the truth, he was really afraid that his young master would be angry at any time.

Clearly, he was worried that his wife would be abducted.

Why did he pretend to be so calm?


He was good at pretending.

"Martin, I am going out. You should stay at home." Said Cassandra, smiling as she walked towards him.

Martin's eyes darkened and replied, "Yes."

Cassandra nodded and walked toward the gate. Then she trotted back and kissed him on the cheek before she hopped out with a smile.

He had been sullen earlier, but now he wasn't.

Carlos was astounded at the scene. How could my sister-in-law have such a trick?!

Was he blind?

The master... Did he show a look of enjoyment?!

A few minutes later, Martin commanded, "Get the car ready."

Carlos was stunned. "What? "Master, are you going out?"

'Didn't you promi

d you like to sign it, Mr. Daniel?"

Since Daniel was born to be a star, and this time he managed to get through the difficulties, he would have a promising future. He was known as a top star, even if he didn't have any acting skill, he could sustain the whole play just by his appearance. His loyal fans would always support him.

The best thing Cassandra wanted to do was to perfect the scripts and the actors. After all, it was also of great importance to her.

"Have you brought the script?" Daniel asked Cassandra.

Cassandra nodded and then pick up the bag aside. The thing in the bag was copied by her with great efforts, and it was registered and recorded in a low-key way. Therefore, even by regular procedures, this play should be presented by the

GR Group, but now, she had cut off the right of this play.

In her previous life, the GR group was in charge of the movie and its schedule was quite good. In addition, Susan, who was also a top 1 actor at that time, and the best actress that the GR group had ever worked for was the leading actress. When the movie was on release, it immediately became the hottest topic and won much popularity in the later shooting.

As a result, Susan won the first place in her movie and was highly praised by the public.

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