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   Chapter 254 I Fell in Love with Someone Else

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6634

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In a bar of the capital city.

In the dancing floor of the bar, a lot of beautiful women were passionately twisting their bodies, accompanied by a deafening heavy metal rock music. It was quite lively.

At this time, in a huge room, a group of people had been drunk. They were all drunk. No matter who they were, they grabbed and gulped down wine.

Being surrounded by the crowd, Hackett was very drunk. All the people in front of him were ghosting.

Recently, the sales of the Weekly Heaven Seal was increasing, and Hackett appeared in the circles for several times. Especially today, the matters of Daniel had been solved. The sales of the Weekly Heaven Seal had even reached an unprecedented high.

As a result, the whole group of the company invited Hackett to join them. Though he seldom attended such activities, he had to attend tonight's warm-hearted party. As a result, he was gulped down by the group. He wasn't a good drinker and got drunk in the end.

He managed to get out of the crowd and staggered towards the washroom. However, when he reached the washroom, he saw a man and a woman were kissing affectionately in front of the wash table.

Hackett went blank at first, and then flushed. He scurried off in panic.


Why did he have this reaction when he saw others kissing?

He must have drunk too much!

Yes! He must have drunk too much!

Hackett shook his head and walked out of the room. He went to the public washroom of the bar. Fortunately, there was no one outside. A few minutes later, he staggered out of the washroom, leaning against the wall.

The next second, a woman with a good figure came into his sight. It was a girl in pink dress and she was standing in front of the wash basin, shy. Her face was flushed and she was staring at Hackett nervously.

Hackett recalled that she was a new employee who just came to the company not long ago. Recently, he was taking care of her all the time. In addition, he drank s


"I... I just drank too much. I am not gay, either... " After vomiting, Hackett patted his face with the water to keep sober.

In a daze for quite a while, Zed finally found his lost voice. "Hackett, are you sure you are awake now? Why do I feel that you are a little abnormal now? "

Actually, he was far from being a little abnormal... It was totally abnormal! !

'Even if you are drunk, you shouldn't have kissed me. I am a man, okay? And you fucking vomited after kissing me... He threw up...'

Hackett glared at him and said, "If you dare to tell others anything about this, you'll pay for it."

Zed felt speechless, 'I'm the victim. Why did I sacrifice my chastity for no reason? What's more, I was threatened...

Do you think I'm willing to do that?'!

But, seeing Hackett's expression, if he thought too much?

Zed waved his hand with a fretful face. "I think you are really drunk. How about I ask someone to send you back? It is almost over there."

Hackett didn't want to go back the room either. So he accepted his request without hesitation and Zed immediately arranged for someone to send him off. When he came out of the bar, he felt a little cold at night. It seemed that he didn't wake up until then. With an expression of chagrin on his face, he took out a cigarette and lit it.

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