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   Chapter 252 I Like You Only

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6544

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"Well, listen to me. Read after me..." Speechless, Cassandra rubbed her forehead.

To be honest, how could a playboy like Martin not know how to say sweet words?!

How could it be?

"Yes." replied Martin, who was trying to keep modest and polite.

Cassandra said seriously, "I like you."

Martin stared at her face and suddenly smiled slowly. In an instant, it was as beautiful as a star in the dark night when thousands of flowers were blooming.

At that moment, Cassandra was completely stunned by that man. She knew that Martin Lu was a handsome man, but she didn't expect that this man... He was so handsome! !

She was so blind in her previous life that she even abandoned such a handsome man and fell in love with that bad man, Roger?!


It was obviously a temptation!

On the sofa, Martin slowly lowered his head and gave a gentle kiss on the girl's forehead. His cold lips clung to the girl's forehead. Then, a deep but seductive voice came into Cassandra's ears——

"I know, I like you, too. I love only you all over the world. "

Damn it!

Am I being teased again?!

However... He was so handsome, just like a king! !

How could she reject such a good-looking man?

'Yes, you are handsome, so you are always right!

It seemed that he could win her heart easily.

"Shameless..." "You're such a naughty man." said Cassandra, trying to keep her temper.

"Yes." replied Martin, looking at her calmly.

Cassandra, "..."


He just admit it. I can't even refute it!'

They rested on the sofa for a while, and then went back to their room to have a rest. It was said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But it seemed that Martin couldn't hold on any longer. Moreover, before Cassandra could do something, a call from Daniel came in.

Now the situation on the Internet had reversed. The curse words had been turned into flattery. In a short period of time, Daniel had been high

Then she smiled and said, "Mr. Daniel, do you think I'm that kind of person who likes to make jokes?"

Daniel's heart leaped and his ears burned inexplicably. What Samuel said just now is... Flirting with him!


Why did he suddenly...? His heart was beating so fast!

A trace of panic flashed across his face, but he soon regained his composure. "It's my honor, Mr. Samuel. When do you have time?"

Cassandra pondered over the time. It took a lot of time for her to go to the Harbor City and deal with the matter of Daniel. Although Johnny tried his best to spare time for her, she couldn't be too casual.

"I am busy these days. How about Sunday evening?" Said Cassandra.

Sunday evening?

Daniel had a schedule on Sunday evening. He was invited to attend a wrap party of one of his best friends in the industry. The friend had always publicly supported him when he was trampled on this time. For this reason, he even attracted a group of bad fans. Now that he had gotten through the difficulties, he would go to attend his best friend's wrap party.

Daniel compressed his lips and said: "Okay. But can it be later? I have some personal affairs to deal with. "

Raising her eyebrows, Cassandra was about to say yes, but saw the look on Martin's face, which was so gloomy...

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