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   Chapter 250 Don't I Care About My Self-esteem

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"Martin, I am back! Do you miss me? " With a bag in her hands, Cassandra obediently walked towards Martin.

The man lazily leaned against the sofa, his injured hand wrapped in gauze, which was laid on the sofa at will. At the sight of the gauze, Cassandra's face turned cold and stared at the finger of Martin.

"What's going on? Why is it bleeding? Why didn't you tell me? And why don't you go to the hospital either? " Cassandra threw the bag on the sofa and asked coldly.

"Just a small cut. It doesn't matter. Don't be nervous." replied Martin.

With her brows knitted, Cassandra said: "You are seriously hurt and you even said it is a small cut. If you don't tell me, I'll ask Carlos. Carlos, what the hell is going on? I just left for a few days. How could he get his hand hurt like this? "

At this moment, Carlos felt that he had been misunderstood. Enough!

He had make up his mind how to explain it just now, with an inexplicable sense of guilt, he said, "Well... "Sister in law, the young master accidentally dropped a cup just now..." He was scratched when cleaning... I have dealt with it. It doesn't matter. "

Glancing at him, Cassandra countered calmly, "Do you think I am blind? Even if he broke the glass, wouldn't he clean it himself? Carlos, could you find another excuse? "

Do you think I'm an idiot?

Carlos was troubled and didn't know how to explain. Siting on the sofa, Martin said slowly, "I miss you."


How could he be so arrogant?!

'Master, are you shameless?'

While Cassandra was holding an accusatory look just now, she was also dumbfounded at the moment. She couldn't believe that Martin said this suddenly!

She really didn't know what to say.

Speechless, Cassandra took out her phone, "I'll call Kevin and ask him to deal with it. Let's see if you need to take an injection to prevent tetanus."

As soon as Carlos was about to say that he had handled the wound in a very professional way, which would never be worse than the quack doctor Kevin. However, befor

his eyebrows and said, "Do you think I'm not reserved enough?"

'I have put up with it for so long. Isn't she satisfied?' Martin thought.

Cassandra was speechless, but in other words, compared with his crazy behavior like a certain demon in the previous life. In this life, Martin had restrained himself a lot.

Cassandra said, "Well, let's drop it. A few days later is Grandma's birthday. I think... Can I go back alone? "

After he heard these words, Martin turned to look at Cassandra with his sharp eyes which seemed to be able to pierce through people's soul and made people dare not look straight at him.

Her heart almost jumped out of her mouth when she saw his response. "Wouldn't he disagree?" she thought.

She shouldn't expect Martin to accept it.

But, grandmother's birthday... She really didn't want Martin to go with her.

Cassandra gritted her teeth and tried her best, "Well... Don't be angry. Listen to my explanation. It's not that I don't want to take you home. It's just that you are not in good health now. Besides, many people are at the family feast during my grandma's birthday. You don't like this boring occasion, so you will only be a foil when you go there. Besides, our marriage is also a secret. At that time, how can I explain to everyone? You are my husband. I can't lie that you are my boyfriend, right? "

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