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   Chapter 248 How Do You Treat Your Brother in Law

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6621

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'Why it's you?

Why did you set yourself against me for him?'


How could he ask such a stupid question?

She had never seen such a shameless person!

In her previous life, he had treated her as a pawn by cheating her various ways. At that time, he hadn't asked himself why he had done that?

She might still be kept in the dark if she had not experienced death once!

He had never loved her. Why did he pretend to be affectionate to question her?

A cold smile emerged on Cassandra's face. "Mr. Roger, I just did what I should do, isn't it the basic principle of people? Moreover, you deserve it. I am only carrying out the heavenly law. "

Carrying out the heavenly law!

Clenching his fists tightly, Roger's eyes were filled with jealousy. The most intolerable and unacceptable thing for a man was that the woman who once revolved around him fell in love with another man. Even if he didn't like her, it didn't mean that he didn't mind!

A cold glint flashed in Roger's eyes. His fury rose as he looked into her eyes. With a livid face, he said, "Cassandra, how do you end up like this? Don't you like me? Didn't you marry Martin for me? How could you... How could you treat me like this for another man! "

In her previous life, she married Martin only for the sake of Roger. After all, she was benighted at that time.

There was a sudden eerie silence in the air.

Cassandra's sight fell upon Roger little by little. She wanted to say something to him for a long time, but she didn't find a chance. Now that she had been pretending, she could say it through.

"You're right. I used to like you, and I treated you more important than my own life. For you, I can die..." she said slowly, looking into Roger's eyes, as if he was a stranger.

Rose's back suddenly stiffened, and his heart was inexplicably wildly beating. Because of the surge of emotions, he even could not breathe. His heart was heaving violently.

"Stop it! Stop

ting outside. He seemed to be surprised to see her, but he didn't ask much. He just walked quickly into the office.

"Roger didn't have any instructions. Did the negotiation succeed?" thought Vincent.

Cassandra didn't want to stay any longer. She directly left the Star Empire. Time was running out. She didn't know if she would be late.

Alas! How annoying it was to have a sticky husband!

At the same time, in the Yan Garden.

Martin turned on the laptop and saw a video which was showing the picture of Cassandra and Roger together.

Carlos stood aside, sweating. He thought that his sister-in-law was so troublesome. She always made some trouble! !

She went to meet her ex-boyfriend secretly...

She would definitely pay a heavy price for it! !

Couldn't she not do something out of place?

On the sofa, the man's angular cheeks, like the unmelted frost, instantly stared at the tablet in his hand.

On the screen, the girl said calmly, "You're right. I used to like you and even considered you more important than my own life. For you, I can die..."

The world seemed to disappear in an instant, and the huge hall froze into ice in an instant.

In the end, there was still only one person in her heart, and that was Roger.


You have used up your last chance.

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