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   Chapter 247 what if I still refuse

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6898

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There was only a very short distance between them, but it seemed as if there was a whole length of the earth.

Raising her eyebrows, Cassandra went on, "Mr. Roger invited me here so formally. Are you going to talk with me while standing here?''

"Of course not. Please have a seat, Mr. Samuel, '' answered Roger, unhurriedly walking towards her

"Mr. Samuel, What would you like to drink, coffee or tea?'' Roger swept over Cassandra, as Cassandra settled herself on the couch

Cassandra answered," Tea, Iron Buddha.''

Hearing this, the peak of Roger frowned slightly. These days, there were not many people who liked drinking tea, but he was an exception, which was because he had made great efforts to please his farther in GR Clan when he was young, and his favorite one was Iron Buddha.

There were various kinds of tea sets and tea bags on the table, but Samuel chose Iron Buddha for once. There was only one possibility: Samuel had investigated him in advance.

He had thought that Samuel would be the real prey, but now it seemed that things were not that simple.

Taking the tea set on the table in a calm manner, Roger made a nice pot of tea by himself. The teapot was made to be full of the pleasant scent of the tea, making people feel refreshed.

Roger poured a cup of tea and placed it in front of Cassandra, but Cassandra was not in a hurry to drink it. She crossed her legs and asked indifferently, "Mr. Roger, you invited me so hard. Are you really just going to invite me for a cup of tea?''

Roger smiled," Mr. Samuel, you are really good at jokes. I invite you here to negotiate a cooperation with Mr. Samuel. As long as you agree to work in the GR Group, you can choose my position and pay as you like.''

Samuel seldom showed up in public, but he was able to save the situation every time. Although Roger didn't know how he did it, he had a strong PR ability. He gave people a feeling of foreboding. If the company could take him as the wings, just the mysterious identity of Samuel, and a piece of hype would be enough t

in front of him. If he just felt familiar with the man, then what the man said just now confirmed his guess!

But, how could it be possible!

How could it be her! !

Roger felt like his heart dropped to the bottom of the valley in an instant. His facial expression changed back and forth like a horse lamp, The "man" in front of him was clean and languid, totally different from before, And the cleaner he was, the more people could not help but want to occupy him!


On the face of honor, there seemed to be a layer of invisible frost. Countless scenes passed through his mind. At this time, he had a very clear answer to something that he could not explain!

But how could it be her?

Although she graduated from the director department, she had never stepped into the entertainment industry, and it was impossible for her to collect so many news

In an instant, a terrible thought came into Roger's mind. Was it Martin! !

Yes, who else had the ability to do that except Martin?

How could an unknown newcomer collect so much information and even try again and again to turn the tide

It must be Martin!

A ferocious look appeared in Roger's eyes, and he was extremely jealous. He suppressed his emotions that were about to lose control, and said in a hoarse voice, "Cassandra, why are you Why did you set yourself against me for him? "

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