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   Chapter 246 miss you very much

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At the Star Empire's headquarters.

After the press conference, the media left Star Empire in succession.

Cassandra and Hackett also mingled in the crowd and walked out of the Star Empire along the crowd. Fortunately, there were many people on the street so nobody recognized Cassandra.

After they walked out of the building, they went directly to the parking lot. Seeing that the crowd dispersed one after another, Hackett felt inconvenient to follow them. He said a few words to Cassandra and left.

After getting on the car, Cassandra called back a few times to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the company. Then she started the car while dialing Martin's number. It was still early. She could make it back before 11 o'clock.

After a few seconds, a lethargic voice came from the other end of the phone, "Congratulations.''

Cassandra was stunned for a while, but soon she asked with a complacent look, "Martin, am I very handsome? Haha, fighting against all the people at present is awesome! "

With his back leaning against the sofa and his long arms encircling the back of the chair, Martin said, "that's why you ask the Yale to come out in person? Cassandra, do you know this is a waste? ''

It was more than a waste of talent. It was a waste of God's good gifts?

Yale was also the intelligence expert of the Greyson team. He was also one of the best fighters in the information gathering in V Security team. He was usually responsible for the case of one hundred million cloud sect, but she just asked Yale to investigate a scum.

Yale feel so aggrieved that he even want to grow a mushroom!

'what kind of person is he? Doesn't he care about his self-esteem?

With a guilty smile on her face, Cassandra said, "I did this for the company. I made a big contribution to the company.''

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Martin said, "Do you still have any reason?''

Cassandra coughed," What do you think?"

Martin rubbed his forehead and replied, "Yes, you have reason.''

Cassandra, "..."

Don't you think that your mood has changed too fast?


felt that the man in front of him looked familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had met him before.

"Mr. Samuel, this way please," said Vincent while he took a look at Cassandra, Cassandra didn't turn him down, She went back to the headquarter of Star Empire and took the elevator directly to the president's office with following Vincent.

In the office, there was only Roger.

At this time, Roger was standing in front of a huge French window, dark eyes looking down at the large capital city under his feet. The neon lights were brilliant.

Everyone likes to stand on the top, because only by staying there, can they control others and have the unreachable glory.

Someone pushed the door open with a squeak. Cassandra walked into the office step by step, and saw the familiar back.


She used to be obsessed with the almost crazy man, but now she saw him again, and there was no change in her heart at all.

After all, everyone who was buried in the tomb would become a fake corpse if there were more ripples in her life, "I have long heard of the name of Mr. Roger. Now I finally have the chance to meet you. You are indeed extraordinary.'' Cassandra's lips curled into a sardonic smile.

Hearing this, Roger turned slowly with an elegant and elegant smile on his face, "so do you, Mr. Samuel. I've heard a lot about you. But I'm sorry to invite you in this way.''

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