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   Chapter 243 he really came!

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6298

Updated: 2020-03-02 00:34

When Madeline finally came to his senses, he shouted at the crowd crazily, "who! How dare you slander me like that! Who did this? What do you want to do?! Why did you slander me! I I didn't do these things! I didn't! !"

In the face of Madeline's roar, there was no sound unexpectedly in the audience.

The sound of the recording was indeed from Madeline, and from the content of the recording, it was obvious that Madeline not only had domestic violence, but also And he is suspected of obscenity? To molest a girl under 18

The sudden change confused everyone. The platform was full of question marks, and no one knew what was going on.

But the live stream was still going on.

On the stage, Harold's face changed several times. Finally, he forced himself to calm down and seriously said, "The technology department, What have you eaten? How could the recording be this dirty! Dear journalists, there is something wrong with our conference. Now please... "

Before he could finish his words, the microphone in front of him disappeared again. The technical staff of the technical department was also stunned at the moment. Their devices were all right, but It seemed that they had lost the control.

Then, some photos suddenly appeared on the screen. In these pictures, there were the test report of his wife and the treatment report, as well as the record of police coming out and the record of his wife, which was the criminal punishment of his intentional injury.

If the recording was dissatisfied, then the certificate like evidence, especially the judgment and police record, could not be forged. As long as these evidences were sent to the police station and the court, they knew whether they were true or not.

"What's going on?! I don't think the evidence is false. ''

"Holy shit! What kind of violence is it? "

"Then the recording, I think, must b

"Mr. Madeline said that you are innocent, so May I ask Mr. Madeline a few questions? "

This familiar voice

His tone was calm and confident

It was Samuel! !

He did come!

All of a sudden, everyone's eyes turned to the source of the voice, and they saw a man in a black cap and a white British style standing calmly in the crowd.

He stood out among the thousands of people, looking like a crane standing among chickens, especially his dignified and fearless appearance. There seemed to be a universe, dazzling and captivating in his glazed eyes, making him sink into it.

"Holy shit! It was really him! !"

"Wow! The master takes action immediately and you will know whether the master takes it or not! "

"The way he shows up He is my legend! "

"It's going to be fun. You guys are really going to do it? So you guys are the one who played a trick on me just now?"

"This operation is 101 score. How proud of him!''

On the stage, not only Madeline but also Harold was shocked. He didn't expect that Samuel, who always showed up and disappeared, did show up.


I'm doomed! 'Madeline thought to himself!

Everybody in their circle knew that Samuel had an enigma. But However, this time things could be reversed!

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