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   Chapter 242 nd is there something wrong with the eyeballs

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6586

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"I'm sorry I'm out of control. Please understand how I feel when I am a father, but I can't protect my daughter How could he hurt her! I beg you to get justice for me. That beast What a beast! ! He has violated my daughter, but he is a star and a rich man. How can ordinary people like us fight against him I've tried to find a legal way, but there's no way to pursue it at all I had no choice but to expose the beast's crime through the media! ! I beg you Please help us! I kowtowed to you! "

On the stage, Madeline cried with a snivel and a tear, and then flopped. He actually knelt down on the stage and kowtowed to the reporters off the stage.

Originally, Madeline and his family were all victims of this matter. At this press conference, his reaction was completely in line with a victim's father's desperate action.

All of a sudden, there was a lot of discussion off the stage, especially among some female journalists. They were almost filled with righteous indignation and wished they could tear Daniel apart and avenge the Madeline family.

On the stage, Harold saw that the time was almost ready, so he immediately helped Madeline up and sat back in the chair.

"Dear media friends, please put yourself in the position of Mr. Madeline and his family. Mr. Madeline and his family are victims. Please pay attention to your words. The nature of this matter is too bad. We, Star Empire, just want to get justice for Mr. Madeline and his family. Please understand and protect the privacy of Mr. Madeline and his family as much as possible, especially children's privacy, thank you for your cooperation. " Harold explained painfully.

Madeline said gratefully, "yes, yes! Thanks to Mr. Harold, Mr. Harold is always a good man. Star Empire is also a conscientious media I really don't know how to repay you. Thank you for your and Star Empire's help this time. I, Madeline, will do my best in my life to repay you for your kindness! "

Harold said sin

ecording was also mixed with the woman's cry, as well as a girl's resistance.

"Dad Please don't touch me I'm obedient. I'm obedient to you. Please don't touch me Dad, I know I was wrong. I know I was wrong... "

"Madeline, she is still young Don't I beg you. Although she is not our biological daughter We only have one daughter Madeline, I beg you. It's okay for you to go out and look for other woman. Please forgive our daughter I beg you... "

As soon as he finished speaking, a sound of heavy objects falling to the ground suddenly came from the recording, followed by a woman's painful scream.

"Fuck off! If you weren't useless, I wouldn't even have a biological one? I raised her. Shouldn't I touch her? Go out and look for other woman? Humph! It's not your turn to teach me what to do! Go back to your room! "

"You You What do you want? "

"I don't care what I want! Get out of here! "

Then, there was another noise in the recording. Undoubtedly, these voices came from Madeline and his wife.

After the recording was finished, the whole multi-functional conference hall was in a strange dead silence. Everyone looked unbelievable and stared at Mr. and Mrs. Madeline on the stage.

Madeline's wife had covered her mouth at the moment, sobbing, and her whole body was shaking crazily.

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