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   Chapter 236 I believe him

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"The more you try to hide, the more it is exposed. It's just your carelessness? From now on, you are no longer the employee of the FX International Group. The talents like you are beyond our reach! Get out! " Andrew said coldly.

Mr. Liu's face changed suddenly. He stared at Andrew with an unbelievable look.

He had thought that even if Andrew wanted to punish him, the punishment wouldn't be a problem. After all, he had been in the position for so many years. Now he was working in the company. He didn't expect that Andrew would fire him directly!

How could it be possible!

Next to her, Bachelor's face also darkened. He put on a fake smile and said, "Mr. Andrew, Mr. Liu has been working in the company for so many years. He has not done hard work, and besides, this time he is not mainly responsible for the company's affairs. I don't think it's appropriate to fire him.''

It was obviously a mistake that Daniel had caused the crisis to the FX International Group. However, Andrew fired Mr. Liu first. This was a clear slap on his face?

"Do you think I don't even have the right to deal with my employees?'' Andrew stared at Bachelor said coldly

"Of course I didn't mean that Mr. Andrew, you are wise. I certainly support your decision. "

Andrew said coldly," Why are you still standing here? Take him out! "

Two bodyguards in black suit came into the office and dragged Mr. Liu out as soon as Andrew finished his words. Mr. Liu kept complaining his grievance, but Andrew didn't give him any chance to defend himself.

After dealing with Mr. Liu, the atmosphere in the whole small meeting room became a little serious. Even Bachelor dared not to be presumptuous again.

"Daniel, tell me, what's going on?'' Andrew looked at Daniel and asked.

Daniel was known for his unruly and fickle character. Although people had heard a lot about him and knew that he was good at f

ter of great importance. If we screw it up I don't think it's necessary for the World Media to exist in this world anymore. "

Andrew's eyes narrowed dangerously. A hint of coldness appeared in his eyes. "I have said that I will bear any result, okay?''

"Well, if you insist, we'll wait for your good news."

Andrew's forehead tendons jumped. "Today's meeting is over. Dismiss!"

Hearing that, the people in the conference room went away one after another, leaving only Andrew, Ezra, Gillian, Daniel and Bobby in the conference room.

Massaging the spot between his eyebrows, Andrew looked at Gillian and asked, "Where is Samuel? I have to talk to him by myself. "

"Well Mr. Samuel, he He is out of town now and will be back soon. Don't worry, he will be fine.''

Andrew had read about Samuel, including news about Johnny and Peggy. Samuel had solved the two crisis easily, but But this time it was about Daniel

Could he really make it?

"I trust him." Daniel looked up and said calmly.

In this world, as long as there was a person who trusted him, he still had the meaning of existence and the courage to go on!

That man He would wait until he came back!

Tears welled up in his eyes as Bobby saw the extremely bright light on Daniel's face.

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