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   Chapter 235 the night was like heaven and the night was like hell

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"Mr. Gillian, I'm an actress and this has nothing to do with me. But if I don't stand out now and one day I'm also in trouble, no one will stand out for me. I'm not only helping Daniel, but also helping myself.'' Said Cassandra in a low voice.

Hearing this, a complicated look appeared on his face. Gillian hesitated for a few seconds and then said, "Okay, I'll give it a try. But don't hold too much hope. Many top managers have declared their attitude, I am not sure I can give you three days.''

But Cassandra was also clear that Gillian might not be able to make the decision of his superior since he was just the boss of a small company which was related to the headquarters of the FX International Group this time. In the worst case, she had to try her best to please Martin.

"Okay." Said Cassandra.

Hanging up the phone, Gillian breathed a long breath, and then put away the phone and returned to the small meeting room.

The meeting room was full of senior executives of the FX International Group. Obviously, this news this time had aroused the interest of the FX International Group. If they couldn't find strong evidence, the FX International Group would give up Daniel.

At the corner of the small conference room, a young man in white shirt and silver short hair was sitting still on the chair, surrounded by the constant discussion. However, he wore an indifferent expression, as if he hadn't heard a word.

In just an hour, he fell from heaven to hell. Numerous entertainment programs had been refused. Those programs which required him to show up were now regarding him as a flood or a beast


The night was like heaven and the night was like hell.

Although he didn't care about the rumors, they were like sharp knives that stabbed into his heart.

"Mr. Andrew, Daniel had made such big mistake, our company can't give itself trouble just to clean up the mess for him?'' A man teased.

"You are right. He should take responsibility for his actions He is really a degenerate! "

"Our company is now severely damaged, an


A man in a light gray suit next to streams company said immediately, "Mr. Lu, I have sent people to check it out. There will be news soon. We are trying to..."

The speaker was Mr. Liu, the director of public relations department. He was the most trusted subordinate of Bachelor. Although he had made a quick response to this matter, he was obviously perfunctory. He even released a wrong signal to the outside world, making everyone think that the FX International Group had confirmed that it was Daniel who had a crush on his fans, and he removed the FX International Group from the event in words.

At this time, his doing not only did not bring any benefits, but also caused chaos to the FX International Group and Daniel.

Andrew threw the tablet PC in front of Mr. Liu on the table in front of him with a cold glance. "Don't you know the way you dealt with the things? I think you have been in this position for too long. It's time to change another one. "

Hearing this, Mr. Liu was like struck on the head with a thunder, and he was completely dumbfounded.

This time, the entire thing was caused by Daniel. If Andrew handled this matter at this time, it was obvious that Andrew was partial to Ezra and Daniel!

Mr. Liu broke out into a cold sweat in an instant, and he immediately said, "Mr. Andrew, it's my fault. I should have been more careful.''

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