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   Chapter 232 it was rare for her to have fun outside

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Suddenly, there was a strange dead silence in the suite.

At this time, Jordan got up from the group. He was messy and laughed crazily. "Dad, kill them Kill them! Hahaha... "

Jerome glanced at Jordan coldly, if it weren't for his useless son, he wouldn't have made such action, Despite that, he had gained a lot this time. At least he knew those people and ghosts around him!


It was impossible to fight against him!

The next second, Jerome felt nothing but darkness in front of him. A black shadow flashed quickly behind him like a ghost. He moved as fast as lightning and took the gun in his hand away.

"The gun It's not what you think. " Then Cassandra cast a glance at the gun that Greyson snatched from Jerome.

With his eyes as big as a bell and his face full of disbelief, Jerome looked like ten years older at that moment. His body was stiff and he stood still like a statue.

"What You... " Jerome tried to explain, but failed.

Cassandra took the black gun from Greyson and pointed it at Jordan. Jordan's face suddenly turned pale and his legs went weak. He knelt down on the ground in fear.


The gun was equipped with a silencer, so the sound of the shooting was not loud, and it was given to Jerome. Even if someone investigated this event, Cassandra would have a reason to explain. Besides, she was sure that Jerome would never call the police.

The bullet passed through Jordan's leg and hurt him badly. All of a sudden, he let out a scream and passed out.

"Sorry, my hand slipped..." Then Cassandra pulled the trigger again and aimed at Jordan lying unconsciously on the ground. "Mr. Jerome, this is your last chance. Who bought Raymond Group's shares from you? You have to think twice before answering my question.''

Jerome clenched his fists and his forehead was in a cold sweat. He knew very well that if he didn't answer, Cassandra would really shoot Jordan. After all, Jordan was his only son. He would never let him die. But if he told that secret, Raymond Group would be done!

"I count three, oh, three

es except the Raymond Group? I will handle everything about Martin. Well, you go to order a bunch of flowers for me. I will take it tomorrow morning. ''

Greyson didn't know what to say

Is he deaf?

It was late at night. Why did she order the flowers?


Why did he think his mistress would cheat on his master? ?

Greyson asked seriously, "Lady, don't you love our master anymore? Are you going to cheat on our master? "My lady, please don't do that. Our master really loves you...''

Cassandra was confused, 'Who said that I was going to cheat on your master?

She just wanted to pick up a girl!

Greyson really has no experience in love! Does it mean that Martin could be cuckold?

Speechless, Cassandra touched her forehead, "Master Greyson..."

"What?'' Greyson said

Cassandra took a deep breath and continued, "you'd better get acquainted with some young girls from time to time, falling in love with someone or having a baby as early as possible.''

Do you think I'm very considerate?

Please thank me a lot~

The expression on his face cracked. After a long while, Greyson managed to say, "I'm still young I can't fall in love with someone at an early age. "

Cassandra, "..."

Damn it! I really can't accept it!

'You are almost 30 years old! Wake up, okay?!

Early love?

I will lost if you have anything to do with early love!

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