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   Chapter 231 stupid

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Jerome paused a little and glanced at Cassandra gloomily, "save your words for the underground!''


A faint silver light flashed in front of Jerome, and in the next second, his eyes suddenly shrank. His face was also cold, and the expression suddenly froze on his face.

Not only Jerome, but everyone's attention was attracted by the silver dagger on the door.

"I've said that, I hadn't finished my words Mr. Jerome, don't you think it's a little bit embarrassing for you to leave in such a hurry?'' A cold smile appeared on Cassandra's face.

Even Jerome's face changed. If the dagger was missed a little bit, it would not be stuck on the door!


His expression changed again and again. After a long time, Jerome stared at Cassandra with anger, "What do you want?''

Cassandra raised her eyebrows, looking lazily at Jerome, This was your territory, Mr. Jerome, Mr. Jordan colluded with my subordinates and worked with them. Now I'm here, but you are in a hurry to leave. There is no such deal like this in the world.''

Hearing this, Jerome sneered, "huh! Even if you have good skills, it's not easy to keep me here. Come, send someone over! "

Did Samuel just think he was bluffing?

Humph! When Jerome swaggered around, he didn't know where this guy was playing with mud!

"So you still refuse to tell the truth, Mr. Jerome?'' Cassandra narrowed her eyes, giving a murderous look.

Jerome," Tell you the truth? If so, how could my family be able to stay in the harbor! I have told you just now. Since you are here, you can stay here forever. "

With a casual look, Cassandra touched her chin. At this time, Jerome's men surrounded her, but she still sat on the sofa, poker faced.

"Master Greyson, don't be too hard on him. Your Highness has been in poor health recently Not to kill any living creatures. " Then Cassandra continued.

Greyson nodded, "Yes.''

With a sneer, Jerome cont

ully prepared, it was possible that Jerome would make the enemy against her at any time.

If you want to deal with this old fox, you have to be more hide than him, so that he can't know your hidden card at all, or he can't expose your lie.

Besides, Jerome had been suspicious of the shareholder. He would have no doubt about what Cassandra said.

With a ferocious expression on his face, Jerome shouted, "Damn it! I knew it was him! Humph! He is really an ungrateful man who can't raise his own family. I'm so blind to believe him! "

Cassandra sneered," Mr. Jerome, I'm not interested in the internal affairs of your company. I just want to know the foreign financial group you are cooperating with Who the hell is he? It should be a good deal to trade this news for your and your son's lives, shouldn't it? "

Hearing her words, Jerome's face turned pale in an instant. The words of Cassandra is so convincing that Jerome would not doubt Cassandra at all. But now, it was only the last step for Jerome, Jerome must be careful!

Jerome bit his lips tightly and looked at Cassandra with his gloomy eyes. He sneered and then took out a black gun from his waist. The black gun was aimed at Cassandra.

"Humph! You are too young to fight with me! You want to kill me and my son? "

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