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   Chapter 227 I will be too timid

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"Okay." After a while, Martin opened his mouth.

Hearing this, Greyson tensed up and asked, "well, master, do you need me to follow my sister-in-law?''

Why did he feel that his master was in a bit of an unusual state?

In general, when his sister-in-law took a look at others, his master even wanted to kill them. Isn't he always jealous??

Why did he feel that his master was controlled by his mistress recently?

After a few seconds of silence, Martin said, "you don't have to do that.''

Martin's words shocked Greyson, Why did he think it's completely not like his young master's style?!

Greyson scratched his head and asked, "Master, you really don't need it? In fact, I think that mistress is just going to do business. Moreover, Mr. Jordan is indeed a very obscene man, and it is said that he likes both man and women. If he likes mistress Well, master, you can forget what I say.''

Is he making things worse?

"I'll take care of it," said Martin

Greyson's mouth twitched. To be honest, he didn't know that his master was such a shameless person before!

Greyson gave a little cough and said: "yes, master. I know what to do.''

After hanging up, Greyson made another call and went back to his room. He wondered what his sister-in-law was doing now and whether she knew that she was betrayed by him

About half an hour later, Cassandra wore a black suit and a tie with dark striped pattern on the collar. Then she walked out of the fitting room gracefully.

Greyson suddenly jumped up from the sofa, "Mistress, it's so late. Are you Are you going out? "

He knew it! His sister-in-law wouldn't stay in her room! She didn't even need to sort out the files!

Hearing this, Marcus's face darkened. He thought she really wants to betray his master, Raising her eyebrows, Cassandra said, "just now, Benjamin called and said that he arranged a table in the bar to pick me up. I'm afraid that I will be too timid if I don't go.''

ated on the sofa. In the middle of the sofa, he was dressed like a color palette, with a long purple hair. He was in the shape of Matt. The man was none other than Jordan, the young master of Raymond Group.

The moment Cassandra entered the room, she smelled a strong alcohol and strong perfume.

Cassandra frowned imperceptibly. She heard that Jordan had a weird taste and that his taste was too strong.

At this time, the person who was sitting on the sofa with the arms of the beauty named Jordan fell on Cassandra. His eyes were bloodshot and a trace of naked eagerness showed in an instant.

At the same time, Jordan pushed away the woman beside him and stared at Cassandra, who looked calm and walked with Benjamin to his side.

As soon as Benjamin saw Jordan, his smile deepened. "Mr. Jordan, this is our new president Mr. Samuel, I invited him specially because I heard that you are here, Mr. Jordan, please treat Mr. Samuel well.''

As soon as Jordan heard this, his eyes shone like deeply. Although Cassandra was a man, his figure, face He was more beautiful than all the women present!

Jordan had not seen such a beauty for a long time. How could he let him go so easily?

But for the fact that Samuel was the new vice president of the Lu Group, he would not have the slightest fear.

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