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   Chapter 226 was she always so stupid

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6616

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"My lady, isn't it appropriate? We are here to negotiate a cooperation with the Raymond Group... " With a resigned expression, Greyson said.

We're here not to flirt with girls!

What's more, do you know you are a woman?? 'Hey, If you want to flirt someone, you should flirt with a man!

Are you mistaken about your sexuality?!

The Greyson was extremely speechless. He felt he would be kicked out of this hell.

"Why not? What do you know? I'm just talking about cooperation. Don't talk nonsense, do as I say. "

After a pause, Cassandra said seriously, "don't report this to your master, or I'll sue you for molesting me!''

It was a fatal question!

Greyson didn't know what to say

Marcus: "...."

I must kill this evil girl who brought disaster to me!

'When did our master become so blind that he fell in love with such a devil? What a disgusting aesthetic standard!'! negative comment!

Greyson was exhausted. He knew the business trip wouldn't be smooth, but he didn't expect that the first tough problem he encountered was not the enemy, but a friendly soldier's trick.

'I will return alive if I don't tell my master about this.'?

'Why is she so confident? Why should she feel so assured to have four people from Greyson team protect her from being hurt?'?

The water in the harbor was so deep. Whoever was not careful enough would definitely lose all his property, Of course, these were not the important things. The point was that his master, the devil who always protected his wife, would not let her get into any danger!

Feeling speechless, Greyson rubbed his swollen temples and took a few deep breaths before he managed to make a smile that was even worse than the pain in his face. "I know.''

Cassandra looked as if he was worth teaching, "well, I know that. I'm right about you. It's late. I'll report to your master about today's schedule.''

Then Cassandra slowly returned to her room.

Greyson and Marcus were



Hearing the familiar voice, Greyson tensed up, and his palms were covered with cold sweat. He immediately said, "Master, I have something to tell you...''

"Speak," said Martin

Greyson had totally forgotten what he had prepared in advance. Out of instinct, he said, "well, the thing is, everything goes smoothly today. But my sister-in-law..."

Martin narrowed his eyes and ordered in a cold voice, "Go on.''

Greyson was extremely nervous, but since he had spoken, he couldn't stop. Moreover, this project was of great importance. What if something happened to his sister-in-law?

He had better report it to Martin early. Maybe things would turn around.

The most important thing, of course, was that his sister-in-law was going to flirt a girl, and if he didn't report it, he would definitely be put to death! !

Greyson swallowed and stuttered with difficulty, "well According to the schedule, I think my sister-in-law should make an appointment with Mr. Jordan from the Raymond Group tomorrow to discuss about the cooperative project with him. But, my sister-in-law She didn't plan to meet him She told me to find out where Valerie is, the daughter of the Pearl Hotel Mistress wants to see Valerie.

Just then, there was a sudden eerie dead silence on the other end of the phone.

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