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   Chapter 223 for a man

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 7307

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It took Cassandra a long time to ask for leave from Johnny. Her father was seriously ill, and she needed to stay with him.

Well Since Martin had taken the blame, he had to be the one to take the blame all the time

The shooting was very tricky. Cassandra spent a lot of time on the shooting. Then she asked for Martin a lot of details about the case, and at last, they chatted for a while before starting off for the airport.

After Martin saw those people off, he went straight back to the Yan garden. Ignoring the noises of his company, he didn't say a word.

At the headquarter building of the Lu Group.

In Ron's office.

In the large office, there were very simple and ancient decorations. Except for the Chinese style office tables, chairs, bookshelves and sofa, there were almost no other furnishings.

The private room was different from any other office for high-level officials. There was a rest area in the bedroom and Ron's private room was in a plastic and Golden Buddha statue. In front of the statue was a red and traditional altar, on which there were articles of tribute and other articles placed. On the right was a Golden Vicky, and a divine weapon created by the gold silk Nancy wood that struck the Vicky. In front of the altar was a red old cattail hassock.

At this time, Ron knelt on the futon with his hands clasped together and holding the string of rosary. He looked solemn as if there was no other thoughts.

In the office, a man in black Tang clothes was pacing back and forth in the office with a face full of anxiety. He looked up at the inner room from time to time, but did not dare to make a sound.

When it came to worshiping the Buddha, no one dared to disturb the Ron even if it was a big matter, or they would get themselves killed.

After a long time, there was a heavy sound of knocking from the inner room, the man in black walked quickly over, and the door was opened from the inside. Ron came out from the inner room, with the beads in his hands.

"Master, you finally come out!" The man in black suit wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said quickly.

Ron walked to the chair and sat down. He put one o

let him create his own entertainment empire.

These years, Andrew didn't let him down. Nowadays, the FX International Group was enough to compete with the GR Group. Even if he would suffer a crushing defeat in the future, Andrew was enough to protect himself.

Ron leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes as if he was sleeping. The man in black didn't dare to say anything, and he was ready to step back lightly. As soon as he reached the door, he heard Ron say in a low, hoarse voice.

"Let him be. There is no need to interfere."

The man in black swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue and bowed to Ron, then he pushed the door open and left the office.

After a while, Ron slowly opened his eyes. In his dark eyes, there seemed to be a touch of mysterious coldness.


The harbor was surrounded by the sea on both sides. It was known as a paradise where you could go shopping. The city was rich and the capital had a variety of beautiful and prosperous items. Therefore, this was not a big deal.

As soon as Cassandra got off the plane, she walked through the VIP passage out of the airport. The head of the airport, who was responsible for the project in the harbor city, was Benjamin, who had been waiting for her at the airport.

"Mr. Benjamin, I heard that Miss Fiona was injured in L City. Is she really coming?''

"Yeah. I've heard that she was seriously hurt."

"Mr. Benjamin, what do you think?''

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