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   Chapter 222 I am nervous

Right Here Waiting By Xu Guzi Characters: 6160

Updated: 2020-02-26 00:34

"What! How could it be possible! Miss Fiona... " Logan was about to say something, but he swallowed it back.

Apparently, Fiona was in a good condition now. But she suddenly fell into a coma again, which was impossible. But what Carlos said was absolutely true. Had Fiona changed her plan?

Logan's forehead was soaked with cold sweat, feeling like sitting on pins and needles. He didn't know what to do.

"What? Don't you believe me, Mr. Logan?'' Carlos's face changed. He stared at Logan with fire in his eyes.

There was no doubt that Carlos was a member of Martin. Even Fiona would show some respect to him, let alone Logan. He certainly wouldn't dare to offend him.

Logan swallowed bitterly and forced a smile. "You are kidding, don't. I will not doubt your words. Miss Fiona suddenly fainted. I'm afraid she can't go back now...''

As the duck flew away, Logan was filled with rage. If the case was smashed, everything he had done before would be in vain. Most importantly, he had already invested in the Raymond Group. If he was wrong at this moment, his loss would be considerable. Even if he didn't die, he would probably be severely injured!


Why was Fiona in a coma at this critical moment?

"Ms. Logan, miss. Fiona is in a coma. Why are you in such a hurry? What's your intention?'' Carlos asked

With a fake smile, Logan replied, "I'm just worried about the acquisition. I have no other intention What should we do? "

A dead silence fell upon the meeting room.

Martin, who had been sitting quietly on his chair, felt his emotion change. The next second, he looked at Ron unhurriedly and asked, "What about you, my dear brother?''

His finger that was rotating the beads froze a little, and then Ron chuckled, "my seventh brother is the real power holder of the Lu clan, so it's up to you. I

iting. The next second, Martin whispered in a hoarse voice, "Remember to miss me.''

Cassandra, "..."

Am I hit on by him again?

Cassandra thought anxiously!

To be honest, I didn't know before that Martin was such a simple and pure man!

"Martin, Can you be more reserved?" Cassandra raised her head, pretending to be calm! It's just a business trip. Can you stop acting like this? "

Can you be as strong as a man?

I don't look like I'm going on a business trip. On the contrary, I'm going to die!

"One day apart seems like three years, '' said Martin

Cassandra was shocked and speechless

Stretching out a hand, Cassandra said, "Well, you keep blowing. I'm listening.''

"One more chance, speak properly, '' said Martin, calmly looking at Cassandra

"Yes, I miss you too. When I can't see you, I miss you so much that I'm heartbroken that I can't breathe. I would rather die than live, '' said Cassandra fawningly

I've never admitted defeat in terms of flattering!

It was obvious that Martin was pleased by her words, but he was a little worried. He wondered whether she could deal with the situation in the harbor, Not to mention Ron's power, it might not be easy to deal with Fiona's men

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