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   Chapter 220 am I cuckolded

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"Mr. Martin, nice to meet you again.'' The doctor said word by word in poor Chinese.

Martin focused his eyes on the doctor in white gown and said, "Lisa, report the condition of Miss Fiona to everyone present.''

The doctor immediately turned on the video. On the camera, there were some complex data and images. The doctor explained, "Miss Fiona has a gunshot wound this time. We have tried our best to save her, but she has to rest in her bedroom, otherwise, it will affect the wound and cause a second trauma, which may cause shadows, and there might even be some sequelae... ''

"No way!" Logan pounded the table and shouted in a rage.

He had talked to Fiona and made sure that she was fine. The doctor was talking nonsense now!

"Are you doubting my authority?" The doctor was filled with displeasure.

Blue veins stood out on Logan's forehead. He clenched his fists and said, "Miss. Fiona's body is no longer in danger. She doesn't need to have a good rest, and there will be no after effects. You are such a quack!''

The doctor's face suddenly changed. "Are you a doctor? Or am I a doctor? If you don't believe my medical skills, you can get her out of the hospital now. Don't blame me if she has any sequela! "

Logan was shocked and blue on his face. "You! Are you threatening me? "

The white coat sneered, "No, originally, Miss Fiona was shot. She must be carefully dealt with before we can accept it. We only treated her for the sake of Mr. Martin. Now it seems that we are being nosy.''

Logan's face turned blue and white, but he could not say anything to refute. His eyes were as big as bells. However, he could do nothing but swallow his rage.

He couldn't tell others what he had told Fiona in advance, or people would suspect him. All this was planned in advance.

At this time, Martin glanced at Carlos expressionlessly. After a few words wit

She was almost driven mad!

This son of a bitch dared to cuckold her in secret. He was really infuriating!

But at this moment, the unfaithful man had no intention to interfere. His eyes turned dark and had been fixed on Cassandra.

He was so close to her that he had never felt her anger like now. The anger in her eyes seemed to be about to burst in, and he could not help but have a surge of emotions.

She was angry

Angry because of him!

"Of course not! We are here for business. You should call Martin as Mr. Martin. This is the rule of our company. Don't you know to follow the least rule?''

After a long time, Cassandra's anger rose to the climax.

"Mr. Samuel, since you know we are talking about business now, please don't waste any time. Let's get started, Martin, '' Actually, Fiona didn't notice that Cassandra was angry.

The reason why she did so was to irritate Cassandra deliberately. She wanted to show it to others that Cassandra couldn't do anything except being jealous. She was the real capable assistant of Martin and the core of Lu Group!


A dull voice suddenly came from the meeting room. Cassandra pounded the table and said angrily, "Martin, which one is more important, me or this bitch?''

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